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Anyone try Seasonale yet?

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I get horrible horrible PMS (were talking half the month!) and the idea of stopping my cycles all together sounds very appealing but i'm worried about side effects. Anyone tried it yet? I'd rather go this route then risk my brain getting hooked on an SSRI.

Also, Anyone know if you can take this if you have Mitral Valve Prolapse and are on beta blockers? I saw the warnings but it just says talk to you Dr about it. I wont see the Cardio till next month to ask.
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Haven't tried seasonale, but I used to take the pill (a 'regular' one) for a few months on end all the time with my docs o.k. and no problems whatsoever. Not sure about the beta blocker question, I think it should be safe tho (BC pills are basically all similar combo of hormones)
Unless you just want to use Seasonale you can skip the placebos on ANY BC pill brand to prevent hormonal change. I even had a Dr. prescribe the pill for me this way. I have no idea about heart complications...your Dr. should know. Good luck! FYI when you do decide to have AF it can be a doozie because it is several months worth...

Cool Breezes,
BTW, forgot to mention this the first time: you can do the skipping of the placebo pills only with a so-called monophasic pill, i.e. one that has the same dose throughout the three weeks (not one of those with a different color each week). In my case my period was never really any heavier, but I guess that may happen for some.
Haven't tried it yet...but I am a little wary of any thing that "stops" my fertility. You may be able to locate the actual research re: side effects via one of the medical journals. What changes to your diet and exercise program have you already tried?
Palmetto, I don't know if you were referring to all BC pills, but Seasonale works similarly as all others by preventing ovulation and implantation, temporarily 'stopping fertility', if you will.
It just doesn't let you have a withdrawal bleeding (which is not the same as a 'normal period' ) as often.
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