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Anyone try this?

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I have been lurking the threads related to detergents to use & not to use. You all have been quite helpful.

While searching for various cd items I came across this detergent called Kookabura at littlebluefrogworks. It is for wool but will actually handle all of your laundry needs. Here is the bluefrog link and from there you can go to the product site.

I have communicated with Leslie from bluefrogworks and she has been very helpful in answering my questions. One thing we talked about was that in addition to the Tea Tree oil it already contains Lavender oil and fragrant oils could be added. It is very concentrated and looks like it is great, but I understand that there can be issues w/ some natual detergents.

Any feedback on this product?

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I haven't ever used it.

Maybe there are some mama's here that have.
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The only thing I know about natural detergents, is that alot of them contain citrus oils which can coat your dipes, especially fleece. I have heard of that detergent, but I don't really know anything about it. Is it way expensive?

ETA: The Kookaburra Website
It looks like good stuff, but lots of $$$...
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my friend uses this as her wool wash, It smells great! But I dont know about it for other diapers?
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