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Anyone try using recycled MM fleece??

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I was browsing last night and came upon the Polartec website. I was currently wearing my purple fleece jacket because I was chilly, even though that particular one is too small for me postpartum, I was wearing it anyway because the only sweatshirts that still fit me were in the laundry.

So I happen to come across a list of brands that use Polartec. I happen to see that Patagonia is on the list, and the thought crosses my mind... WAIT, isn't THIS SWEATER a patagonia fleece sweater??

Sure enough, it is. It doesn't say what kind of fleece it's made of on the tag, but whatever it is it's really thick and fairly wind/waterproof in the past...

And, it's too small for me anyway

I feel a HB pocket coming on... And possibly several trips to the thrift store!

Anyone ever tried this??
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I hvae not but I don't see why you could not use it. You can buy some stuff in the Sporting goods store that you can wash it in to make it waterproof. I am not sure what it is called but they have it in the specialized stores - you know all kinds of sprays and stuff to wash it in. They would tell you what it is.
Yeah, totally! It should work great as a cover!
I love looking for used fleece at the thrift store. When it's used, you can tell how it's going to look after a few washes. It's hard to tell with brand new fleece at the fabric store.

Oh, and stuff you can add to it to make it more waterproof is Nikwax TX-direct wash-in.
I got some at sportsmans warehouse. I've never used nikwax on fleece before, but I guess that some people do.
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