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I figured I'd organize Novembers swap.
If you're interested, post your iso list here.

It will be a $20 swap plus shipping. Please add atleast delivery confirmation to the package so you can track it. It seems the p.o. has been losing more pkgs lately.

Post your lists here between now and monday the 20th. Add and change it as much as you like.

Then, between, monday October 21st and Thursday October 23rd (no later than 12 pm EST), email me at [email protected] with November MDC swap as the subject.
Be sure to include your name, your MDC name, the people that you can do packages for and how many packages you can do.

If you have $40 worth of stuff for me, you can say MAJiC Mama x2
If you only have $20 worth of stuff, you just list their name.

I will post the match ups in a separate post here on the Trading Post, if all goes well, no later than Sunday the 26th. Hopefully I can have it ready before then.

Then you email or pm your swappee for addresses and mail your packages out no later than Saturday November 1st!!!!

Thanks mamas! I'm looking forward to another fun swap

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Sounds great. I'm sorry I missed last month's swap

Silent Knife: Cesarean Prevention and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean by Nancy Wainer Cohen (Author), Lois J. Estner (Author)
Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide: How to Make Safe, Sensible Decisions about the Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives by Aviva Jill Romm or other similar book that is EASY to read and understand
The Birth Book: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Safe and Satisfying Birth by William, Md. Sears, Martha, R.N. Sears new cover style
The Pregnancy Book by William, Md. Sears, Martha, R.N. Sears, new cover style
Burt's Bees concealer in light
Nursing maternity shirts in xl (maternity shirt with nursing openings)

Long sleece cotton play dresses in 3t, EC please, solid colors or stripes
Sweaters in 3t or to fit 28 lbs 32"-solid colors preferred with no stains or visible wear, EC preferred
Large covers to fit same size above, any kind is fine as long as they are in EC
Baby Einstein DVD- we don't have Mozart, Van Gogh, Galileo, Shakespeare, World Animals or Nursery Numbers
"The Brave Little Toaster" DVD
Stuffed dogs
Playfood for a kitchen (appropriate for a 16 month old) and bowls etc
Wooden toys (like the tool box with screws and nails)
Soft dolls, especially WAHM made
Bath books
Books about becoming a big sister that would be young toddler appropriate
WAHM diapers especially FMBG in large, EC only please
Starbunz tiger, only in like brand new condition as this is for Christmas, in XL
Pajamas to fit 3t or 2t if there is diaper room in the butt
Diaper Potion Lotion
wool soakers - large

For next baby-
Happy Heinys or FB in medium gn, in EC only please
kimono style onsies or t-shirts
small WAHM covers in gn, EC only please

General Diapering-
Windpro fabrics or wool jersey
velour and sherpa
Serger thread (pm about colors I already have)
Polyaceter snaps in size 16, black
PUL or Procare
Large diaper pail, we have a 10 gallon, I'd like something larger

Queen sized sheets, 100% cotton, any color is fine, EC no stains
Queen sized waterproof mattress cover
Fabric lined baskets for diaper storage

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My list would

My ISO list:

Diapering Stuff:
~XXL Fuzzi Bunz. White or colors for nighttime.(waterproof please)
~large hemp stuffers (joey bunz or smjae or similar) staining is okay
~large Bummis wraps. aplix closure no snaps.
~medium contours, especially buzfuz (hemp) for Fuzbaby almost in ones

**Clothing brands for all: Hanna Andersson, Gap, Old Navy, TCP, Naartjie,LL Bean, Zutano,Lands End, Sprockets, Target brand and the like. Nothing that will pill or get holes quickly. These are for multiple children.
Justin- 7 yo ds
~~size 7 slim Levis or other BLUE jeans. MUST be SLIM or they fall off.
~size 7 slim khaki pants
~size 120 or 130 (7/8) stripe Hanna Andersson, Lands End or similar long sleeve tees.
~size 6-8 Boxer shorts/underwear. He is really into Hulk, Spiderman, Spongebob and still loves Toy Story
~size 7 elastic waist pajamas and loungepants. fleece is good
~size 130 Hanna pajamas, esp the new fleece ones
~size 7 LL Bean, or similar zip up winter coat and snow pants
~size 1 youth hiking boots

Alexandra- 6 yo dd
~size 7 undershirts, camisoles, and underwear. NO stains
~size 7x Levis blue jeans
~size 13 wide(31 euro) mary janes (elefanten, bear feet or similar) or tstrap in ec, dark colors for school/church
~girls size 7/8 wool cardigan
~thick tights in solid, stripe or prints. No holiday motifs.
~girls LL Bean or similar zip up winter coat and snow pants
~size 7 wahm made or other 100% cotton long sleeve peasant tops
~any XL or XXL gymboree, current or recent, no vintage(nothing before 2000). Especially Indian summer
~size 7/8 long or short sleeve 100% cotton nightgowns
~size 130 Hanna 2 piece pjs, especially the new fleece ones

Caleb- 3 yo ds
~size 4 Bob the Builder, Mickey Mouse, or Buzz Lightyear underwear
~size 4/5 long sleeve button down and pullover shirts
~size 4 corduroys
~size 4 blue jeans and jean bibbed overalls
~wahm made pants with side panel patch
~LL Bean or Similar snowsuit, or zip up coat and matching snowpants, or just snow pants
~size 100 Hanna Andersson swedish sweatpants and long sleeve striped shirts. These are his favorite.
~other nice sweatpants that have pockets. Osh kosh ones are good.
~size 4T or 5T Carters preferred, or other similar, 2 piece pajamas
~any size medium Gymboree.Current or recent. No vintage

Maggie- 14 month old dd
~size 18 month wahm made fleece or wool pants (would love ruffled or scalloped leg wool pants)
~size 12-24 months gripper bottom socks (infant size 4 shoe)
~size 12-18 months robeez or similar
~size 12-24 month thick tights in solids, stripes or print. No holiday motif.
~size 4 EXTRA WIDE mary janes and tstrap shoes in dark colors.
~size 12-18 month patchy or corduroy or combo wahm or other pants, dresses, jumpers
~size 12-18 month cotton knit long sleeve dresses and leggings
~any gymboree in 12-18 or 18-24 in Folk Song, or Apple for the Teacher, or Indian Summer. Other fall okay, just recent, no vintage.
~any gymboree in size 18-24 months in La Playa, Strawberry Fields, Leapin' Lily Pads, Little Hula Girl, or INdian Summer. Other summer okay, just recent, no vintage.
~wahm made or other kimono type tops and matching pants. Can have side closure or just slip overhead. No silks, just cotton knits or wovens

~size L or XL Blue Canoe boot cut pants. any color
~Gap or other similar xtra large yoga pants in any color
~XL ladies fitted or regular tees- long sleeve
~womens xl thick tights
~womens 9 1/2 wide or 40 euro mary janes, or clogs
~womens xl solid colored leggings **esp. Hanna Andersson Green cotton leggings
~wool socks for ladies size 10
~adult wool cardigan. womens xl
~size 42D or DD stretchy cotton, supportive bras
~Belly Basics black or gray essentials set
~Motherhood essentials 5 pc set in XL

~mens size 38x30 or 38x 29 cotton twill "khaki" trousers for work. All colors are fine.
~NEW white, blue or khaki colored buttondown dress shirts, long sleeve, size 17 1/2 with 34 or 35 sleevelenghth or long sleeve casual button down shirts ( I NEED to see pics)
~bifold or trifold leather wallet in black or brown

Arts and Crafts and Packaging Things:
~procion dyes any color, atleast 1 oz or more per color
~fingerpaints, fingerpaint paper, clay, liquid and powdered tempra paints, charcoals,sketch books
~essential oils (tea tree oil,sage oil,)
~bubble mailers-new
~tyvek envelopes (not priority mail ones)
~iron on, or sew on patches for boys and girls.any size.
~iron on decals, any size
~doll making stockinette. color unimportant. smaller than 3 inches wide
~small and medium jingly bells
~Playsilk blanks in 30x30 ,35x35, 36x36,44x44and 54x54
~crayola wonder paper
~solid color tissue paper (new) to wrap things in. Prints are okay if they are neutral prints such as dragonflies, leaves, stars, and the like.

Kitchen Stuff:
~pottery/ceramic kids cups, bowls, plates
~waffle iron
~cloth napkins in sets of 6 (or 2 adult print/solid and 4 matching kid print/solids)
~new quart size canning jars
~vitamix (yeah right)
~kids divided plate and bowls, just 3 or 4 plastic or melamine is okay
~cloth produce bags from tootsweet

Books, CD's and DVD's:
~Kids Bop Cd's (except 1)
~board books real or drawn pics are fine, just no commercial characters (Dr Seuss books are ok)
~subscriptions to National Geographic, Compleat Mother and Mothering
~back issues of Mothering (before March of this year)
~books by Elsa Beskow
~DVD's- Toy Story, Finding Nemo, any Veggie Tales, Shrek, Lady and the Tramp, Milo and Otis, The Crocodile Hunter movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Inspector Gadget 1 movie,any suitable family movies
~OAMC books
~Whole Foods For the Whole Family Cookbook
~a book or info on the Feingold Diet
~Ball Canning Blue Book
~Frog and Toad Books (any)
~Amelia Bedelia and Junie B. Jones books (check first, b/c we have some)
~Cam Jansen books (any)
~any pc learning software for the kids
~Sims , or other Sim software for dh and I

Bath/Body stuff:
~Rainbow Light once a day prenatal vitamins
~orange oatmeal soap from
~Toms of Maine kids toothpaste (orange/mango or silly strawberry)
~wooden soap deck (2 or 3 of these would be great)
~metal hairclips for me
~sable Mary Kay eyeliner
~kids band aids. We never ever have enough bandaids,esp spongebob . Characters are okay for these. but insects and such are best

~Gameboy advance (the older one is okay, not the one that looks like a mini pc) for each my 6 yo dd and 7 yo ds and age appropriate games.
~wooden magnets- we already have the abcs on the way, so any others.
~wooden foods for kids (any haba or similar, we are building a stash for holiday gifts)
~wooden bowls and utensils
~wooden alternative to lego/duplo blocks
~wooden maracas, wooden drum or non plastic tamborine, shakers with bells. the band in a box set would be cool.
~brio or brio compatible trains and tracks. Any we are getting the kids a train table for the holidays.
~any Woodland Fantasies sets except Deluxe Dinosaur
~chalkboard (green or black) 8x10 or bigger
~wooden car garage/racetrack
~wooden peg puzzles (no characters)
~natural wood and colored wood blocks
~wooden playclips
~wooden animals
~wooden cooktop
~Tonka vehicles. any except dumptruck. especially would love old ambulance
~beanbags. set of 26, one with each letter of the alphabet on it can be felt or not
~textured cubes for maggie to play with
~anything My Little Pony
~anything Strawberry Shortcake
~anything Polly Pockets

Other stuff:
~LL Bean hanging toiletry bag
~crib sized organic cotton futon
~gift cards to, barnes and noble, yankee candle, old navy, gap, pier 1, ikea, whole foods, trader joes, cheesecake factory, Hanna, LL Bean, Lands End, the like
~wooden case to organize arts and crafts supplies
~hemp or hemp lined patchy shower curtain
~patchy throw for the back of the sofa or recliner, any color combo)
~wooden comb, wooden handled hairbrush
~Yankee Candles Partylite or CCCC (and wax tarts) in spicy or fruity scents, also I LOVE Yankees Sweetpea scent
~sage smudge bundles
~film for 35 mm camera, prefer color in 200, 400 or 800 speed
~anything giraffes. I LOVE giraffes
~laminated chore chart

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BTW Used stuff is fine unless otherwise noted!

I am desperately in need of a rolling & padded laptop case with a telescoping handle with storage for books, pens, files & etc...
I'm in school again & often have to take my ancient laptop & have a herniated disk in my back.

The younger Children:
Cheerful (non-cartoon character) decore for a room shared by a 3 yr old girl & a 17 mo old boy especially like the bergsma unicorn & elf prints & the Barker flower fairy stuff, & the fake fur rugs like they have at walmart in the bath accessories,
A child size drum (real style) set (like the First Act stuff)
Little People stuff new style (have the house, the barn, the bus, and the small house with fence & cradle)
A 2nd sheepskin so DS &DD will stop arguing over the one we have!
A toddler level remote control car (I think these just have 1 button an a wireless remote that you press & it goes)
Robeez or like them for DS who is 17 mos & wears a size 4 shoe
Another wool diaper cover for DS for night time (23lbs) - don't care what brand if it works good
I'd also like to try a polar fleece cover for DS - don't care what brand if it works good

Kitchen/ House stuff
Corelle ware Ivy/grapevine patterned dishes (Callaway pattern)
18/10 stainless steel pots (don't need pans, and no teflon please) - used would be okay & need everything from small sauce pans to HUGE stock pots! (family of 6)
Baking Stone- pizza size!
2 Sheer window scarfs (or material to make them) in Solid Blues, Purples, magenta, cream
Home interior picture out 3 yrs ago of Mary w/ baby (had awsome jewel toned colors)
Quilts or afgahns for twin beds or larger (We love quilts and afgahns!!!)

Books & media:
Seven Times the Sun - Shea Darian
Festivals, Family and Food
Festivals with Children
The Nature Corner - M. Leeuwen
The Children's Year - Stephanie Cooper
Water Babies - Francoise B. Freedman
The Creative Curriculum for Infants & Toddlers - Amy Laura Dombro, Diane Trister Dodge, Laura J. Colker
Teaching Meditation to Children - David Fontana, Ingrid Slack
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge: Nurturing Our Children from Birth to 7
Pagan Kids Activity Book by Amber K
The Story of the Root-Children - Sibylle Von Olfers
On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier
Strega Nona Books by Tomie De Paola
The Witch Next Door Books by Norman Bridwell
Grandfather Twilight - Barbara H. Berger
Mother Earth - Nancy Luenn, Neil Waldman
The Autumn Equinox - Ellen B. Jackson
The Spring Equinox - Ellen Jackson
The Summer Solstice - Ellen Jackson
The Winter Solstice - Ellen Jackson
On the Day You Were Born - Debra Frasier
Fairly current Law reference books, any federal & state case brief compilations, Federal procedures, or if for state laws then MO or TN, etc...
Any Before Five in a Row curriculum materials that would give me a sample to try

PBS DVDs especially Jay Jay, Sagwa, Bob the builder, Dragon Tales, or Classic DVDs like Willie Wonka, Wizard of OZ, Harold & the Purple Crayon & etc
John Wayne DVDs
The Dixie Chicks CD that has Goodbye Earle on it

Other stuff:
Doll making books/kit for Waldorf doll & clothing etc.
Mens Black Jeans 36/30
A working sewing machine, an older one is fine, anything that works!
A new salt deoderant block. (New only please :LOL ) (Dd dissolved my last one in her bath & I've been having to use the icky stuff)

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Yay, my first super swap! Used OK, but I prefer items in LkN/EC condition (no stains, rips, holes, etc)


For ds, 1 yr old:
- Chumbas super-trim AIOs, gender neutral or boy print, size large in the front snap/aplix or medium in the side snap/aplix
- Bumkins AIOs, size medium or large, prefer prints
- Poquito pants, size large
- Other trim training pants to fit a 24 lb baby
- Two layer nighttime wool cover to fit a 24 lb'er (I'd love to try a Freshies trimwrap)
- Breastfeeding or AP advocacy clothing in size 18 months
- Soft-soled shoes in size 12-18 months; soft-soled sandals in size 18-24 months (Elphaba, are you participating? I still drool over those Platypaw shoes you had on the TP a while ago).
- Felt shapes, letters, numbers, and figures (for a felt board)
- Toddler swing
- Playsilks!
- warm one-piece winter rompers, size 18m (gender neutral or boyish)

Sewing stuff:
- Fabric! Batik, PRR, sherpa, velour, or non-pill fleece. I'd go gaga over any of the wilderness, owls, or northern exposure PRR prints.
- SnapSource snap setter (snaps to go with it, too!)
- Free-motion quilting and applique feet (foots?) to fit a Pfaff Tiptronic 2020
- 'Kwik Sew for Children' (book)
- Gift cards/merchandise credit to Jo-Ann Fabrics or Hancock Fabrics
- Books, patterns, or kits for sewing waldorf-style dolls

Other stuff for me:
- Homeschooling/unschooling books (like 'The Unschooling Handbook' or 'Guerrilla Learning')
- Vegetarian baby/children/family books
- Leonard Cohen's 'Ten New Songs'
- The soundtrack to the film 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen' (long shot but I'd be the happiest mama ever!)
- Banana Republic cotton scoop-neck tees, s/s or l/s, size medium

For dh:
- WAHM or natural-made soap in bar form (any scent, new please)
- Warm socks to fit men's size 10
- Balaclava (sp? You know, that super cozy hat thingy that goes over most of the face)
- Eugene Fodor CDs

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Thank you so much for organizing this swap! I'll edit when I get my current swap package...


HHs Medium or Large solid pastel colors preferred. Neutral or girly. If prints, new laminated prints only please.
Darling Diapers all-hemp fitteds - front-snap with snap-in contour doubler or with snap-in trifold fleece-topped doubler (love these the very best)
FS wool covers Medium or Large (Love Patchwork Pixie!)
Knit (vs. recycled sweater) wool pants for sleeping in
Kindhearted women all-hemp fitted size Large
Heavenly Hineys contoured fleece pockets size Large
***infant CPFs (UB preferred, bleached ok) but MUST be new, washed, or not previously used on a tushie please (DD uses these as lovies/chew toys) 4-6 needed.
Kissaluvs full-size wipes (I swear they must be eating these at daycare!)

Clothes for DD:

Long-sleeve onesies or t-shirts 6mo-18mo neutral or girly. Solids preferred although DH is partial to DD in shirts with hearts too (Gap, Old Navy, TCP, Gymboree-type). ***We have plenty of solid pink ones already though
Baby Lulu, Mon Petite Choux, Indygo, or other eye-catching painted, patchwork, tye dyed, or boutique-y clothes size 9mo-24mo. (9-12 month fall/winter; 18-24 mo. spring/summer)
Socks....we're always losing these. She's 7 mo. old, so size accordingly please.
Shoes! Robeez, Bobux, Buskins, Shoo Shoos, or the like 6-12 month size. Something cute but practical for a girl in winter e.g. white, pink, black. Used ok but prefer VGC or EC


Waldorf style toys and/or dolls for infant (7 months) or to grow into (but nothing unsafe for children under 3 please)
Wooden teethers/rattles/toys ESPECIALLY the Haba Hugging Sheep in new or EC
Any natural (non-plastic) teethers (we're in the process of cutting our first teeth!)
Felted wool balls
Fairy wings and/or interresting pretend play/dress-up clothes for DD to grow into.
Musical toys/instruments. Natural materials preferred. No plastic please.
A Taggies blanket or toy or something of the like...DD loves tags!
Any great, natural, toys that are tactile, or that inspire creative play.
*longshot* Tupperware Busy Blocks circa early 1970s....looking for a compete set of the 26 alphabet blocks AND the little green figures that go in each block. VGC or EC only please.

Stuff for work (I'm a therapist in a therapeutic day school):

sets of bagged worry dolls
games such as connect 4, chinese checkers, Uno, or other games that lend themselves well to playing and talking (COMPLETE games-all pieces and such- only please)
smallish "people" dolls, doll houses, clothes, furniture, accessories, etc. ESPECIALLY mini food/dishes/kitchen appliances (like doll-house size)


Mothering back issues (1-8; 11, 15, 18-34; 40, 41, 50-70, 72-74, 76-81, 83-94; 110, 112, 113, & 116)
Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child: A Practical A-To-Z Reference to Natural and Conventional Treatments for Infants and Children by Janet Zand et al., (2003)
Smart Medicine for Healthier Living : Practical A-Z Reference to Natural and Conventional Treatments for Adults by Janet Zand et al., (1999)
Baby Matters, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Baby by Linda F. Palmer, Janice Phelps (Editor), Dr. Linda F. Palmer (2001)
Superimmunity for Kids by Leo, M.D. Galland, Dian Dincin Buchman, Leo Galland M.D. (1989)
A Teeny Tiny Baby by Amy Schwartz (1994)
Any books FOR YOUNG CHILDREN that have themes/images promoting BFing, APing, etc.
Subscription to Fortune magazine (I read Mothering DH reads Fortune….what can you do?)


Oasis-What's the Story Morning Glory CD
Garbage-their first album with the song stupid girl CD
The Beach Boys-Pet Sounds Sessions box set CD
Terminator special edition DVD
Beauty and the Beast-special edition DVD
Superman the movie-special edition DVD
Abbott and Costello-Buck Privates and Buck Privates come home DVD


Creative Memories personal trimmer and/or corner rounder
Calculator: TI-81 or TI-83. Well used is fine, but must function reliably (and help my DH pass his math classes!)
Any products from Lush - never tried any, and they look kinda cool.
BLACK Playtex Expectant Moments Nursing Bra style #4426 size 36D
Waffle cone iron and one of those cone-shaped molds to shape the cones around
Panini Grill Iron thing
OXO Good Grips covered ice cube trays (2-3)

Gift Cards/Cerificates:

Target, Sams/Walmart, Michael's Crafts, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, The Body Shop, Babies R Us, Best Buy

As always, I'll edit to add more as I think of things.....

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i'll edit after i get my current swap packages!

(edited oct 21)

***for my boys (5 months and 4 years old):***
play clips
waldorf dolls (gnomes-boyish)
waldorf activity and craft books
wooden toys (age appropriate)
robeez shoes 6-12 months (GN okay)
any kid craft kits
highlights magazines
train or space (non-planet, more spaceship/rocket) wall stickers
building sets (non lego)
peg puzzles
knit hats
infant mittens
winter scarves
sweatshirts in good condition (9-12 mos & size 5-6)
computer games (please email me first for titles i have)
quiet activites for church time (like color wonder books or those books where pictures magically appear)
easy maze books
easy dot to dot books
easy hidden picture books
leap pad books (pm me for titles i have)
batman or scooby doo anything (videos/dvds, figures, puzzles)
soccer shorts size 4 or 5
soccer cleats size 11 or 12 (kids size that is)

***for diapering***
california baby or little forrest baby lotions etc
lavender or citrus essential oils )not perfume)
any size wahm baby wipes (i have nothing but boring store bought
changing pad covers (boyish or gn colors) although not standard size - mine is alittle higher than normal
baby bummie balm (like from
wool wash
wool liners
poo pockets (wanna try one of these real bad)
pattern for poo pockets
any diaper sewing patterns

***for me***
any size mama pads (new please)
any wahm soap or lotion (even little samples!!)
nursing beads (if personalized - for ethan)
silver necklaces and earrings
funky socks (i'm a sock junkie!!!)
big woolie socks
very long, very colorful knit scarves (think GAP last year)
wool or knit hats
knitting supplies
wool or acrylic yarn
scrapbooking anything!
craft kits
knitting how to books
donna dewberry kits

***for the mutts*** (beagle and yorkie-poo)
dog toys
natural treats

extra things i thought of:
cloth produce bags or canvas shopping bags(any logo is okay - want to use as shopping bags)
tyvek envelopes and mailing supplies
postage scale
those straps with clips at the ends to hold infant shirts in pants (KWIM??)
any book by louise l hay, deepok chopra or dr. dyer )i have some titles - pm me please)
holistic child and/or adult remedy kits
vegetarian cookbooks dealing with slow cookers or mexican food
healthy kid cookbooks
1-2-3 magic by thomas phelan md
"how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk" book
flavored coffees
diet books - south beach diet, the zone, eating for your body type
"dare to discipline" book
child safety items (cabinet locks etc)

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Well of course, I'll play! Haven't missed a swap yet :LOL

I will be adding a lot of stuff...I haven't updated my list in a while.

Here is my ISO list:

~Sewing, Fabric and Dyeing~
*Batik fabric (fat quarters or yards)
*Asian fabric (fat quarters or yards)
*YLI threads any type, all colors.
*Procion dyes, I can never have enough.
*Batik wax (paraffin, beeswax or mix)
*Double tjanting
*Neat small beads, nothing bigger than a pea. Particularly looking for leaf shaped glass beads and unusual shapes/colors/iridescents. Nothing plastic.
*Cotton or Wool batting, any size, but I prefer full size cuts.
*Wool roving
*100% wool felt, all colors
*DMC embroidery floss, all colors
*Wool, prefer white or cream so I can dye it

~Bath, Body and Home~
*Anything patchouli
*Danica's cantalope soap (the soap deck)
*Bath Confetti (neat slivers of soap called Bath Confetti…so fun in the bath!)
*Yankee Candle - Honeydew Melon, Witches Brew or Patchouli (last two or no longer made…I know, long shot, but they are my favorites!)
*Tom's of Maine cinnamint toothpaste. Open okay, we go through a ton of this stuff. Maybe you had some tried it and didn't like it? Prefer no flouride, but not necessary.
*Zum Bar Frankinsence and Myhrr bar soap
*Nice, new full size dish towels...mine are hideously holey and just about worn though. Color doesn't matter, just good quality.
*Toothbrushes, adult size, type unimportant, unused (of course, lol!). We seem to always lose these given my dd's obsession with carrying around a toothbrush!
*Good quality plastic tumblers or heavy glass drinking glasses. We have none! Don't know what happened there...guess they all broke over the years and now we are all drinking out of kids cups

~Clothes, Cloth Diapers and Mama Cloth~
*Gymboree winter items size 18-24 months and up! No hats, no vintage.
*New or Used mama pads in decent condition, don't have to be perfect
*Someone to knit me a fall/winter sweater for my dd
*18-24 mo Robeez or Bobux
*18-24 mo good quality leggings (Gym, Hanna, etc)

~ Toys and such~
*Wooden peg puzzles, no construction sites or trucks (we have plenty of those from the boys) looking for fun stuff for a girl or neutral.
*Play kitchen accessories (wooden fruits and veggies, pots, pans, etc.) No plastic
*Board books in good condition, preferably DK style or good classics, no disney characters or such...though we love Kipper
*Nice quality puppets
*Puppet Theatre for doorway
*Another Celebrated Dancing Bear by Scheffrin-Falk
*To Duet or not to Duet by DeBrunhoff (a Babar Book)
*A Child's Seasonal Treasury by Betty Jones (I loaned mine out and can't remember who has it
*Neurosmith Music Blocks cassettes, I have Mozart's Night Music, Jazz and Bach. No Disney, please.

~Unusual items~
*Empty Altoids tins…flavor doesn't matter

Thanks mamas! I love doing these...they are so much fun

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Cool, count me in! Here's my ISO:

*Clothing for DD (10 mos) and DS (3 yrs):
6-12mos girly fall/winter clothes in VGC-EC
6-12mos girly or GN pajamas in GC-EC
6-12 mos socks
12-18mos girly spring/summer clothes in VGC-EC
3T pants (he really likes those track/windbreaker pants) in VGC-EC
sz 8 sneakers in EC
6-12mos Robeez (or similar) GC-EC, girly or GN

*Cloth diapering (must be in VGC-EC)
Fitteds: trim fitting, girly or GN, sz M or L
AIOs: trim fitting, girly or GN, sz M or L
ME Airflows or Rikkis in M, M/L or L
wool jersey covers in sz M
wool wash
any sort of wet bag

wooden toys (any!)
any sort of police cars

No Cry Sleep Solution book
WAHM soaps
WAHM or natural type baby butt balm
wool yarn
circular needles (any size)
35mm film, any speed
tyvek envelopes
ball point pens
white board pens
batteries (AAA, AA or D)

Whew, I think that's it, but I'll probably add more later!

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I'll try...
Matchbox car race track
Wooden animals for play

AIO Diapers size M and up

Snow pants child size 5/6
Nursing clothes size Medium
Silk long underware: child any size, womens medium, mens medium
baby clothes for 3-6mons with feet, cool/cold weather

Circular knitting needles - I have: sz6 19in, sz9 29in
Knitting stuff
Wooden knitting needles - I have sz8
Wool felt
unspun wool

Felt Craft - book

Childrens vitamins (no artifical stuff) chewable
Yankee candles
California Baby Bubble Bath ~ We use Calming a lot


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I welcomed used items as well as new as long as in resonable condition.


Elvis items (especially a change purse or wallet)
Taste of Home, Light & Tasty or Quick Cooking magazines & books
Pampered Chef Items
Home Interiors Candles (especially Pumpkin, Banana Nut & Berry)
Size 3X & 4X Long dresses & sweatshirts
Size 10 (wide width pref.) tennis shoes
Lighthouse Kitchen Items
Ducky Bathroom Items (especially a bath scale)
Beaded doorway curtain
Any Todd Oldham or Joe Boxer items in Lavender/Green motif

2X T-Shirts & Sweatshirts for hubby for work
2X Long Johns (long underwear)
Nicotine patches
Size 14 (wide width pref.) tennis shoes

Children's DVDs Veggietales, Dragon Tales, Sagwa. Caillou, Sesame Street, etc...

Size 7/8 Girls clothing
Kindermats or cots
kid sized pillows
pattern blocks
unifix cubes
play foods
plastic childrens dishes, spoons & forks (not for play)
bibs in all sizes

changing pad with cover to fit standard size changing table, (or someone to make a few changing pad covers, my MIL made one previously that was chewed up by mice in our storage locker)

crib sheets, comforter, bumper ensemble (Pref. Classic Winnie The Pooh, unisex or non cartoon charactor, please no Teddy Bears, Noahs Ark or Precious Moments)

Changing table & Bassinet inserts for the Graco Pack 'N Play System.

Childrens Biblical books, DVDs & toys
Carpet samples
telephone without caller id
Indoor gardening kits
Indoor clothes drying rack
retractable clothes line
sofa cover
childrens cookbooks
disposable diapers in all sizes (esp. 2 & Up)
diaper rash ointment
baby shampoos, body washes & lotions
2.5 gallon aquariam
nicht or touch lights
cloth laundry organizer
rag rugs
natural cleaning products
bread box
white sheets & pillowcases
floormat for under high chair
Any childrens arts & crafts supplies (esp. seasonal)
Hamster food, treats & accessories
Natural family oriented Christmas card
wooden toys
MotherShip diaper bag
cabinet drawr locks
fire escape ladder
Water Symphony
toy basket for tub
tub guard set
potty chair
kids place mats
baby safe feeder
baby monitor
Boppy pillow
childrens closet organizer
soft fabric toy tote
play dress up clothing
matchbox cars, playsets
tractors, farm animals & playsets
magnetic toys
stampers & stamp pads
polaroid camera & film
dry erase boards & markers
bean bags
rhythm sticks
kids bowling set
jump ropes
multi colored parachute
small trampoline with safety bar
anatomically correct dolls
ethnic dolls
puppets & puppet theater
Alphabet wall border or bulletin board border
wooden puzzles
Judy clocks
Ant farm
color paddles
maps for children
Alphabet magnets
handwriting paper
childrens 45rpm records
sidewalk chalk
blunt scissors

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MAJIC mama, you are a goddess. Thank you for organizing this.

I am in need of:

ALL-IN-ONES in EC and LARGE for twins (we like lukes drawers, mommy hearts and bumkins)

WOOL-IN-ONES in EC or VGC (really want to try these out)

MOTHERWEAR SLEEP BRAS, GC to EC, in 3x (my how they've grown with twins)

Hemp doublers

Hemp/ terry bum wipes

Really good hemp fleece so that I can make some doublers or wipes

wet bag(s) with zipper (think TWINS)

wooden candle ring for birthdays and holidays, with figures if possible

sally spicer dragonfly bag (I LOVE DRAGONFLIES and I keep hearing about sally spicer although I have never seen one)

more felt balls for my kids to peg me with

FELT BEAN BAG set(s) from ANNr3

james avery charms for my dds

WOODEN NESTING TOYS for my 2 yo boy and/or the twins

silk squares, the size of a hankercheif or a little smaller, so that I can make a hanging mobile for the twins


Under the Chinaberry Tree, book`

Flower Faeries Calender, (with Cicely Mary Barker faeries)
or any book with her faeries in it

That is it for now. WIll update when swap packages come in.

MM: Thanks for organizing this and let me know if I can help you out with the swap. If you need anyone to cover someone, let me know and I will see if I can make a package for them

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oooooohhhhhhh ME!

Here is my long ISO list-
(most of these are for Xmas gifts- so in giftable condition please- unless stated)


Little Rascals movies or DVDs- Certain titles- please ask to make sure.....

The 3 Stooges Movies or DVDs-Certain titles- please ask to make sure.....

Jack Van Impe videos/books-Certain titles- please ask to make sure.....

Pat Robertson videos/Books-Certain titles- please ask to make sure.....

VeggieTales DVDs- We only have "The Ballad of Little Joe" and Ultimate Silly Songs and Jonah's Sing Along-and Jonah the Movie Would LOVE Rack, Shack and Benny or Madame Blueberry- or any other ones- we are collecting them all.....


Foam playmats- the ones that snap together so you can add sets and make them as big as you want- MUST be approx. 1' x 1' and approx 1'2" thick- any print/color is fine.
Something like this:
Or Really like this:

Fisher Price Little People play mat

Tree Blocks

Any and All HeMan figurines or accessories(the old ones)

Anything Little People- new, old, pieces, complete sets- ESPECIALLY the old ones & the new animals
~We have the New LP Farm and the LP Zoo already.....Anything else would be GREAT! He just ABSOLUTELY ADORES the old stuff tho!Would LOVE the FP nativity one!

Wooden puzzles- nicer ones- any theme.


Winter Clothes(Boys)
Size 18-24 months L/S shirts from GAP or OLD navy- CUTE ones-Like blues, greens and oranges(as long as it is a boyish orange- kwim?) Don't care for red or yellow
Size 18-24months or 2T GAP or OLD NAVY- need pants, l/s shirts, overalls, onepiece l/s l/l rompers- REALLY like these!would love some more of them!(would even take the onepieces in 3T too for next year)
~~Overalls in 2T, 3T (Gap or Navy)( would REALLY love the blue cord (really thin wales almost unnoticeable)type ones that are SO soft!!!!( will take 18-24mo in the blue cord ones too)
Gap or Old Navy winter jacket in size 18-24 months- Blues/greens(BOY)
Winter gloves- the ones that velcro shut for easy on/off- size 12months in navy blue or grey

Summer Clothes(Boys)
Size 2T or 3T- GAP or OLD NAVY- need shorts, t-shirts, tanktops, shortalls, onepiece s/s s/l rompers, Pajammas(shorts/shortsleeve shirts- P.J.s can be the 2 piece sets from Carters- the ones w/ snaps around the waist)

flexible winter boots from one step ahead- Navy- size 4-5Toddler(BADLY NEEDED!!!)

Toddler bibs w/ long sleeves!!!! could use 1-2 of these!!!!

Adult clothes
Gap Fleece Sweatshirt size L (adult) in Gray, blue or green, Burgundy(would like 2 of these-will take 1 tho)

L/S Gap/Old Navy shirts to fit size 14 top- like any colors but red or yellow(unless mixed w/ others)- could use some nice sweaters too...


Sheer Curtains in Solid Blues, Purples, Greens(think colors of the Carribbean water)-Pics

Fabric- Cute Either solid Color or something to go in carribbean theme bedroom-Pics

Fabric to recover a rocking chair cushion- same colors as above-Pics

Rugs- Deep Plush CUTE ones- in same color scheme as above-Pics

Diapers(staining on inner okay- as long as no rips or tears and Elastic is okay)
~~Lukes Drawers Candy Wrapper AIOs(not cotton kisses aios) in Large or Toddler/Xlarge~(will take ANY print- even girly)~
I WANT this diaper- it is gorgeous!(longshot)
~~Training Pants in size 2-3T would like AIOs Boyish Prints
~~Sugarpeas Size 1 Prints (ONLY size 1's as the size 2's don't fit AT ALL!- will take ANY print- even girly-prefer the microtopped doubler)
~~Lukes Drawers Contours- need up to 5ish(L or XL-REALLY need the XL size)
Wool Cover/Soaker/Wrap:
Would LOVE a LTK Soaker, Baa Baa Bottoms soaker, Kool Sheep Soaker OR SIMILAR- in Large or Toddler- Braden is: Rise 20" waist 20-21" legs 13.5" Would love Blues, greens, or oranges(if orange is mixed w/ blue)
~~Bummis Ditty Tote bag in Small, MEDIUM, or Xlarge- Blue or Purple pls!)
~~Small waterproof bag for dirty wipes- zipper- doesn't matter(smaller than the bummis small tote)
~~Small waterproof bag for mama pads(big enough to hold like 4-6)

Mama Cloth- would love to get some Kristen's Cloth, some more Snap and gos- Like the medium-large length ones- need some more AIOs.

Bath and body works New lotion or soap in Vanilla Scents

WAHM Soap( We Like Danica's{The Soap Deck} in Orchid or Heather- or other flowery scents & Like pretty much ANYTHING from Tami's- ESPECIALLY like:
Winter's Kiss
Vanilla Sandalwood
AppleJack Peel
Pleasing Plum Spice

WAHM soap in MANLY scents- Like Woodstock...etc....

Gardening/pond things- Statues, ornamental things etc...Need to see pics/descriptions

Belly Ring Either CUTE barbells or those dangly ones- size 14 guage or is it 16?- these are for my teenage sister- so hip/cool ones!(valued at $12 or less- these are part of an xmas gift-and I already have some things for this person)

Cool Seashells(med- X Large sized)


Sand Dollars

Buggy Board (the scooter thing that attaches to strollers 4 older kids to stand on)

Infant/Child helmet- for a 4 Wheeler/Snowmobile- the smallest size they make(badly needed!)

(2) Storage bags for a stroller

Medium- Large Rubbermaid totes or similar(these can be used as the package then wrap them in brown paper to mail)

Extra SHARP filet knife

Nice paring knives- must be sharp!

Harley Davidson items- NEED TO OKAY ANY HARLEY ITEMS B4 HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PM me pls!!!:
Clothing for a man in Large
Clothing for a woman in Medium or tigher Large
Belt Buckle
Knick Naks

The Magic of Thinking Big
The Power of a Praying....(any of these books- they have power of a praying wife, husband, mother, father)
The Five Love Languages
Books on History- pm me titles please

GiftCards to any of the following:
Ruby Tuesday
Old Navy
Home Depot

LTK Soaker pattern
Knitting needles
Wool Yarn for knitting(prefer really nice soft wool) Natural colored or Blues/Greens/Purples/Orange
Will take 1 thing of crappier quality yarn for "practicing" LOL
Easy to follow how to get started for knitting

Euclan(even partially used bottle)
Lanolin(to relanolize wool covers) can even be lansinoh

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1 small Playsilk & 2 Medium Playsilks. Any Color.

Justice League Action Figures.

Power Ranger Action Figures.

Preschool or kindergarden Leap Pad Books & Cartridges (Ask First)

All natural preferably organic hair & body wash for my 4 year old.

California Baby Lotion or Wash.

Weleda Calendula Baby Oil.

Pee Wees Playhouse Videos.

Wooden Instruments.


Buddhist, Zen & Tao items. (Books, Music, Knick-Knacks, Art, Jewelry, Linens, etc...)

All Natural Body Wash.

YOGA BALL! (65 in.)

Yoga Ball Video

Yoga Strap.

2 Yoga Blocks.

Essential Oils (Lavender, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Honeysuckle or Other Yummy Scents... Try Me.)

Carrier Oils, Almond, Jojoba, Etc.

Burts Bees Products.

Toms of Maines Products.

A Wooden Comb.

A Keeper Keeper.

Organic Tampons.

Mama Cloth Pads, Extra Long, AIO's, Organic Preferred, Any Brand.

Brita, Pur (or Similar) Water Pitcher with Extra Filters.

Knitting Stuff. (Natural Fibers Only.)

Wooden Knitting Needles.

Black or Dark Brown Leather Birkinstock Clogs Size 40.

Cool Medium Sized Patchwork Funky Purse/Bag.

Sally Spicer Purse/Bag, Any Color Haiku.

Bath & Body Works White Ginger & Amber Lotions & Creams.

Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess Fine Perfume Oil & Incense.

IM LOOKING FOR THESE CD's: (Original Only, With All Artwork, Please.)

7 Seconds + Praise
Halo Benders + Don't Tell Me Now
Le Tigre + Feminist Sweepstakes
Cake + Comfort Eagle
*ANY* Gits (Except Frenching The Bully)
*ANY* Groovie Ghoulies (Except Born In The Basement & Re-animation Festival)
Southern Culture On The Skids + Girlfight
Southern Culture On The Skids + Peckin' Party
Southern Culture On The Skids + Zombiefied
Southern Culture On The Skids + For Lovers Only
Southern Culture On The Skids + Santo Swings/Viva Del Santo
Nuetral Milk Hotel + In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Vic Chesnutt + Drunk
Vic Chesnutt + Left To His Own Devices
The Dave Matthews Band + Everyday
The Red Hot Chili Peppers + Self Titled
Ryan Adams + Heartbreaker
*ANY* Sun Volt
Sleater-Kinney + Self Titled
Sleater-Kinney + Call The Doctor
Ramones + Rocket To Russia
Ramones + Pleasant Dreams
Ramones + Too Tough To Die
The Rock-n-Roll High School Soundtrack
Reverend Horton Heat + Holy Roller
Reverend Horton Heat + Spend A Night In The Box
Reverend Horton Heat + Space Heater
O Sister 2! + The Womens Blugrass Collections
Hank Williams Sr. (Except Low Down Blues)
*ANY* Black Sabbath (Except Paranoid)
Metallica + ...And Justice For All
Metallica + Master Of Puppets
*ANY* Rosemary Clooney

Stan Getz
Dinah Washington
Dizzy Gillespe
Charlie Parker
Miles Davis
Billie Holiday
John Coltrane
Charles Mingus
Thelonious Monk
Ornette Coleman
Dave Brubeck Quartet
Herbie Hancock
Chet Baker
Sun Ra
Howlin Wolf
Lightnin' Hopkins
Mississippi John Hurt
Astral Project
Slim Harpo
Coleman Hawkins
A Blue Note Live Compilation called "Live at the Roxy"

For F*cks Sake by: Robert Lasner
Satan Burger by: Carlton Mellick III
The Mountains of Tibet by: Mordicai Gerstein
Nourishing Traditions by: Sally Fallon
Bomb The Suburbs by: William Upski Wimsatt
Clean House, Clean Planet by: Karen Logan
Living Organic by: Adrienne Clarke
*ANY* Books on Unitarian Universalism (Except A Chosen Faith)

*ANY* books by:
Walt Whitman
Langston Hughes
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Robert Frost

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Count me in!
My list was edited on Sunday the 27th... items were added and removed.

I prefer items to be in VGC or better. If it is in FC or GC, PM me to see if I'm interested or not.

For dd (2.5yo):
*Little People (we already have the farm, garden, zoo and plane sets)
*Classic Disney movies on DVD or VHS in VG or better condition: Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Dumbo, Fox and the Hound, Make Mine Music, Mulan, Peter Pan and Robin Hood
*anything Strawberry Shortcake (except "Spring for Strawberry" movie)- this includes clothing in size 3-4T
*Thomas the Tank Engine wooden trains (we already have Harold, Sir Handel, Bertie, Percy, a Sodor fuel car, Caroline and a pushcar)
*Wooden track, buildings, trees, signs etc. for Thomas the Tank Engine
*Stoneware/pottery bowls, plates and cups for dd (no melamine or plastic)

For ds (4mo):
*Peter Rabbit clothing 18mo or bigger
*Bf, co-sleeping and AP advocacy clothing in 18mo or bigger
*Baby Safe Feeder
*Simply Natural Baby Food by Cathe Olson

*Elbee wool (any size, no girly colors though)
*Celestial Baby diaper (I'd like to try one out, size large)

For momma:
*Tami's soaps- walking on sunshine, black tea & berries, blue sky or Cloud9, raspberry mango tango, fresh squeezed... I am chemically sensitive, so mostly stick to soaps scented with essential oils. I can usually handle fragrance oil soaps if they are fresh scents.
*Other handmade soaps- same as above re: scents
*DivaCup or Mooncup for after vaginal birth (used is fine since I can boil it)
*Blue Canoe Jane Bra or Jane Tank Top in size md. (any color is fine)
*Stylin' nursing tops size md/large not the kind that look like nursing shirts! (PM me with a description)
*Primitive/country décor (country prints, frames, etc)
*A 2004 calendar by Lane or similar. I want something that will coordinate with the Warren Kimble cats wallpaper border in my dining room (anything Primitive will probably be fine)
*Stoneware: Rowe Pottery, Beaumont Bros., Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne, Pfaltzgraff Folk Art and similar
*Warren Kimble prints or décor (my dining room is the cat motif)
*Cloth napkins (unbleached or navy) in sets of 4 or 8
*Blue jeans size 10. Light/faded denim or darker blue denim but no colors. I prefer jeans that fit just below waist or low rise, but not ultra low rise. Straight leg please- no tapered legs they drive me crazy!

*Eddie Bauer Long Sleeve Tees size Md. Already have black, will take most any color but prefer darker colors. With or without pocket on front.

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Ok, I don't want to miss this one...

AIOs to fit my dd who is 28 lbs with chunky thighs..prefer fleece (like Honeyboys) or cloth-covered PUL...I would like to try a Cuddle-in-one!
hemp doublers
Aristocrat size L...with minimal felting!
Lavender eucalan (can be a partially full bottle)
wet bag!!!!!
Kissaluvs size 0
Fitteds or trim AIOs for a newborn
wool covers for newborn-20lbs baby

Clothes from Gymboree and Gap...bought in last 2 years! Size 18-24mo-3t. Good condition only, no hearts or overly girl items.
Hanna Andersson playdress/daydress size 90
Bikini with a built-in swim diaper, Gymboree or other. No characters!!! Size 18-24mos-3t Butt-pilling/fuzzing is ok!
Stripey Hanna tights size 80/90
Plain navy blue t-strap shoes or navy Mary Janes in a size 7 or 7.5 good enough condition towear with nice dresses
Fleece/velour hoodie and pants set size 18-24mo-3t
Nice professional-looking tie-dye dress or shirt. Long sleeves! 18m-3t
Baby Gap or gymboree pajamas in size 2t-3yrs

Wooden toys
Train set
Dress-up stuff! (Jewelry, boa, silly hats, crowns, etc)
Puppets, finger or large
Cloth dolls, either gender, any color
Things to help learn ABCs and counting (books, cards, puzzles, etc)

Size L (basic or +) Bravado GC. No leopard or floral print, it's not my style.

Black yoga pants size L or XL
Hanna Andersson velour holiday dress size L or XL (they have this dress every year. It is knee length and has a square neck.) I already have black!!
Mary Janes in brown size 9 small heel ok, prefer flats
Patchy hippie skirt with very adjustable waist for pregnancy
Hanna tights size L or XL

Mighty Aphrodite
***Mary Poppins***Dd really wants this - plan on giving it to her for Christmas. (She calls it "eeeee baba" She says, "EEEEE Baba, home please mommy?")
Annie Hall
Hannah and Her Sisters
The Pianist
The Sword in the Stone
The Insider
Bowling for Columbine
Sex and the City season 4 or 5...must be in EC, it's a gift
Any Cohen Brothers movies

The VBAC Companion
Homebirth/Pregnancy books appropriate for toddlers
Ghosts from the Nursery
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
American Way of Birth
Open Season
Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them
Dude, Where's my Country???
The Noam Chomsky Quartet
Having a Baby, Naturally

Camomile baby shampoo (Earth-Friendly Baby or similar)
Burt's bees diaper ointment
Lavender essential oil
Keeper - can be used, I will boil it.
Sea sponge tampons (new please)
Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy or Red Raspberry Leaf tea
Rainbow one-a-day Prenatals

-Maya plain fabric colors, I like the pretty ones! Size L
-Snugglenest...they are those little squares you set in your bed and your newborn goes in them.
-Cloth diapering homebirthing advocacy itemsforme or dd

Jefferson Airplane Loves You boxed set!!!
I really need this!
Phish tickets to any of the upcoming shows...(I know, total long shot...)
Phish t-shirts in good condition size XL for Dh..or any in kids sizes!
Ani Difranco shirt for me, size XL

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