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anyone use a soymilk maker?

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i have been looking at getting one of these for awhile but i am afraid of not liking the taste and it just collects dust. does anyone have one and just love it?? it would be nice to be able to have fresh soymilk and tofu available.
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my dad got me one, and i used it for a while, but it left TONS of silt in the milk so i had to strain it through a cheesecloth, plus it was a pain to clean, so i just went back to making my own. its more time consuming, but just as easy imo.
i have never made my own but have always wanted to try. i have good instructions in my farm cookbook.
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thats where i got my instructions too! beware, homemade soymilk tastes completely different than boxed soymilk. i usually make mine with rice and corn and sesame seeds, and sunflower too if i have it. i add a little soy to it, but not too much because i am trying to decrease the amt of soy in our diet. the sunflower gives it a nice taste. i want to try it with pumpkin seeds, ive heard pumpkin seed milk is really good.
ive made the soysage stuff witht the pulp, and it is reallllllly good. ive also added it to muffins and veggie burgers.
thanks!i will have to try that. i have a question, how many beans do you need? i just need to look at my instructions again...i have a lb, is that enough?
Homemademama, I bet your dad got you a SoyToy. I bought both a SoyToy and a SoyaJoy and then decided which to keep. Like you said, the SoyToy left lots of grit in the milk and was a pain to strain. I love my SoyaJoy though.

I suppose you could make it by scratch, but that's both messy and time-consuming. If I were you, I might look into the Soyajoy since it DOES come with a money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, simply return it and you haven't lost anything.

I do have to soak the beans, but I have gotten into the habit of soaking a bunch of batches of soybeans and then freezing them in plastic baggies. When I'm ready to make a batch of milk-or yogurt from milk-I just pull it out of the freezer, bang the bag on the counter to break up the clump of soybeans, and then put the beans into the filter cup of the soyajoy.

Good luck whatever you decide.
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