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Anyone use Pascack Childbirth and Women’s Wellness Center?

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I'm trying to find a new primary care CNM (see my other thread in this forum) and wanted to know if anyone has used pascack and how they found it to be. Thanks!
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Hey there -

I am with them right now for this pg.

So far they are fantastic. They are much better than the OB practice I used for my first pg, in terms of spending time with me, answering questions, and being wholeheartedly supportive of natural childbirth as opposed to grudgingly willing to consider it if I insist!

There are three main midwives over there - Lonnie, Donna and Lynn - plus I think two part-timers who rotate around and cover certain times. I've met with each of them, so far find Donna and Lynn very nice and easy to work with. Lonnie seems a bit flaky maybe? but she's well regarded by everyone I've spoken to and has umpteen years of experience. Mary, the receptionist, is so nice and patient - what a change from the surly and incompetent office staff at my old place.

I will tell you that I asked around a lot trying make sure I researched all the alternatives, and pretty much the Center for Childbirth midwives seem to be the best if not only choice in Bergen County. I didn't get any other recommendations! But did get consistently positive references on these guys from those I spoke with.

Pascack Valley Hospital, where they catch, just did a big renovation so their maternity wing is much more pleasant, with private rooms etc. One room there has a labor tub and the midwives are willing to consider water birth.

The Center for Childbirth does weekly "tour/talks" with the midwives for anyone interested - so best thing I can suggest if you haven't already is call and ask Mary to set you up with one, you can check it out in person and ask any questions you like, no strings attached!!

Best of luck -
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