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anyone use q'leros aio?

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Just wondering how they compare to other aios
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I would, but you can't order from her site quite yet. The only place that I've seen that you can order is from ebay.

Originally Posted by reenbean
what's up with the name...? is that like culeros?

I have no idea I did a search to see what the name means and came up with nothing.
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I've seen those on ebay I think. Looks like she is trying to mass market them as FB, SB and HH are mass marketed. I love the look of the diaper bag, with the funky ring sling type handle.
I wonder if the WAHM's who sew them are getting a fair rate for making them?
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did a search for the name and I swear to God, and the 10th link was for a gay site!!!!!!!!!!!!
The thing I am confused about is that I'm pretty sure the Lucky Charms fleece they are using to top their doublers is 200wt., not microfleece. Perhaps it was custom milled by Malden in a lighter weight? If it is 200wt., it is better for repelling (like as a cover) than wicking through as it should.
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