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Anyone use those vacuum/compress storage bags?

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You know the ones, you've seen the late night infomercials. But I think you can buy them at normal stores too, right? Anyone use these? Do they work? We're low on storage space and I'm looking for a way to store bulky stuff like off-season coats, bedding for the guest bed, etc. etc. Love em? Hate em? Worth the $$?
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I found some at Walmart and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. They're ok, but they do get air back in them eventually. (Mine did, anyway.) They stay sealed, though, for sure, until you open them up again.
I got mine at Bed bath and beyond (which I recommend because they have an awesome return policy) in 2005 or 2006. Mine worked great for awhile, but I was in and out of them to get things all the time and now they inflate after a little bit. But I'm glad I bought them. I still use them, even though they aren't vacuum sealed.
I bought these too and they were fine at first but eventually wouldn't vacuum seal.The plastic is quite stiff and tends to get damaged easily. The SpaceBag company sent me new ones to replace the faulty ones but these too ended up not working well (though I really appreciated the good customer service). I've switched to the big Ziploc bags which don't have a vacuum seal but are made of softer plastic that doesn't tear as easily, have carrying handles, stand up on their own, and you can use them for toys, sports equipment, etc. as well as clothing.
I filled mine, removed the air and was thrilled - until I slid it onto my storage shelf where it got a rip. It ended up in the trash.
Same story, except mine leaked and inflated again when under the bed, so then all the pillows and stuff were stuck under the bed! I ended up just getting rid of all the stuff I was packing... if I didn't need it often enough to want to store it like that, then I probably didn't need the stuff to begin with.
Yep- love them. Although like pp's said- if you're taking things in and out all the time they don't last long. I've had mine for a few years and haven't replaced any yet (although my largest one is starting to leak a little air), and I open them maybe once or twice a year- when changing out seasonal comforters, or when guests come and we need the extra blankets & pillows.
Love them for keeping items dust/bug free but they don't do well at staying deflated. I switched to the giant ziploc as a pp said, they seal well and are easier to carry around. Seasonal clothes stay clean in them better than any other container I have used.
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