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Not thinking bassinette or arms reach mini. But like the actual half side crib with full sized sides, drop down side, etc. We have kiddo #3 enroute and we are out of room on this floor and ages of the other two kiddos are not really ideal for room sharing in the next couple years with them. For the first few months baby will be in bed with us. Around 4-5 mnths we start putting them down in the bassinette next to the bed then into bed with us upon waking.<br><br>
However, I work/clean/etc during nap times and really want a crib kind of space for #3 to sleep in during nap time from say age 6 mnth to 2 yr ish (DD1 will be 13 then and will be moving downstairs around then). This crib will be in our room as that is where my office is. We are low on space in there. If we do end up moving it to another kids BR it will be tight there too.<br><br>
Anyone use a mini crib that is really sturdy for old kids but dainty?<br><br>
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