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Anyone using a pedometer?

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Hi, all!

I just bought a pedometer yesterday to help with my activity goals. I used to work with an epidemiologist who researched pedometer use, and I recall her group determined that 10,000 steps per day (as point of reference: most people with 9-5 office jobs tally 3,000-5,000 steps per day) helped to promote weight loss. Do any of you have experience with a pedometer? What are you daily step goals? Has using a pedometer helped you with your fitness goals?

Thanks much!
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I just got one, but a cheapy one in a Mcdonalds adult happy meal, no less), and i put it on when i went to work for a tiny shift in the ER where i work. I walked 5 miles in the 4 hours i was there.

I took it off as soon as i got home, but tomorrow i will try it from the minute i get up till i go to sleep.
I got one of those cheapy-ones from McDonald's, too. I work on a farm, so I've always been curious as to how much I walk. From 8am-3:30pm I walked over 14,000 steps. THat was exciting, but it does seem that the pedometer will register even a jiggle, so who knows how accurate it is.
I finally got one! I'm an Avon rep, and we're having a special right now where you can get a Bally's Pedometer for $2.95. I can't wait to try it and see how many steps I'm averaging. I'll post my goals once I've tried it...
I had one but the battery died. If you go to Prevention there is a link to their steps program and on how many steps you should walk to lose weight based on the number you are currently walking. I used it before my pedometer stopped working. I need to buy a new one.
I have several pedometers, and my Omron is my favorite. I wore it for a couple of years, and then after I had my baby last October I stopped wearing it. I used to log my numbers in along with my daily exercise. It was more fun to wear it when I was in an online group of other ped wearers and we'd have step challenges and such. The day I walked a marathon, I had something like 66,000 steps for that day. :LOL
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