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anyone VBAC'ing in Florida?

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I have heard that its a tough state to get a VABC in. Certainly I have had problems finding the right care providers, etc. Just wondering...
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I am a doula/cbe in South Fla and only know of 1 doctor/hospital that does vbac's for about 200 miles. Yes, it is tough, but the best bet is homebirth with an LM. PM me if you need recommendations
My midwives do them--CNMs--and a friend is having an HBAC. She's using a CPM/LM. One of my students had one (I used to work at a teen parent school) successfully in Lakeland Regional with midwives. Around here, it seems to be the norm. I'm in central FL.
I had a home VBAC 2 years ago and am planning another one for Feb '05. I had a licensed MW.
I am on the Gulf Coast.
Best Wishes!
Good to hear onlyboys! I am in Central FL. A friend of mine in S. FL says her dr wont do them and none of the local hospitals do them anymore. I am so glad we moved.
I'm in Sarasota/Bradenton (west coast - central) and Sarasota Memorial Hospital told me there are 2 Dr.s who will VBAC. According to the LLL ladies & various other crunchy mammas, there is really only 1 and only under "favorable circumstances." Because of that, I decided to do a HBAC. My midwife goes to the LLL meetings I do, so I already knew her. Her backup Dr. is in the Lakeland area, & in the event of non-emergency transfer, I will go to the Lakeland Hospital where they have residents on site 24 hours/day so they do VBACs.
I am in Central Fl and hoping for a VBAC any day now (due July 6th). I will be going to Winter Park Memorial. My doctor is willing to do a vbac but not very supportive. He has tried to have me have the repeat c or at least an induction since the beginning. But I keep refusing and he says he understands and is still willing to go for the vbac. I'll let you know how it goes.
If you are near Winter Haven, the doc who gave my clearance for the homebirth is Dr. Gatto. He does alot of VBAC's. His office is across the street from the hospital and he has fetal monitors in his office so that while the VBAC moms are laboring the fetal monitors can be observed because he can't be in the hospital for the whole labor like the ACOG outlines. He told me that he hasn't had a bad VBAC outcome in 20 years.

That's one of the reasons it is so hard to get a hospital VBAC in FL. In the city I live in their are now only 5 private obstericians and most have dropped their malpractice insurance because it is too expensive. Any "high-risk" mom gets transferred to a state protected OB.

My OB told me I could try for a VBAC. Then I found out he wouldn't let me go past 38 weeks. That would have meant induction, which increases the risk of rupture.
I transferred care to the LM at 5 months. DS was born at 42 weeks.

Best Wishes to everyone!
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INteresting. I am not that close to Winter Haven, but not terribly far. I had a dr/mw practice in Kissimmee who supposedly was going to let me VBAC but then informed me that they would break my water immediately, put in internal monitors and want to induce at 38-39 weeks. When I argued he treated me like a moron so I left the practice.
I now am with an OB practice who was recommended to me by a group of midwives, my doula, a friend who had a VBAC, AND the nurses at the hospital. Thats the best I can do at this point but I still plan to labor in the parking garage. LOL They will not induce a VBAC at all, so I can go to 42 weeks and then I get a section. I can probably push it a few more days but I am planning to start natural induction methods at 37 weeks so I pray that I dont get to 42.
Have any of you central FL moms heard of Loch Haven OB/GYN in Orlando or Dr Craig DeFreese in Altamonte?
I've never heard of those docs. My doctor is Dr. Despres in Winter Park. He was my doctor with ds too but was on vacation when ds was born and did not do my c/s. I always wonder how things would have turned out had he been there. He also wanted to induce at 38-39 weeks but I told him I would rather not and he is ok with that for now. I'm sure at my next appointment he will push for it again. He also said that the longer I go the higher the rupture risk. Whatever. I told him that induction raise the risk as well. I am 39.1 weeks now and I went into labor with ds 5 days early so I'm hoping for the same again. I plan on laboring at home for a long time. I live 35 miles from the hospital down I4 so I don't want an I4 baby. So I will also labor in the parking lot for a while until I think it's time.

3 little birds - What are the acog outlines about the doc having to be in the hospital?
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From what I understand the ACOG wants docs to be w/ the mother for the entire labor in case of rupture. This is difficult for the docs because they have to be in their office, etc. If a doc allows a mom to be in labor in the hospital while he is not there and she ruptures he leaves himself open for a lawsuit because of the ACOG guidelines.

That is why the doc I talked to said that if he has a mom rupture (while he views her fetal monitor from his office) he will get sued and will lose and he will not be able to do VBAC's anymore. Most doc's aren't willing to take the risk, so they will tell a mom she is a good VBAC candidate (because almost noone wants a repeat c-section) but later she finds out she has to be induced before term, etc.

Another doc I saw during my last preg. tried to scare me with rupture stories (she had seen 2 in her career) and they were scary. Then I asked if the mom's had been induced. They had been induced in both cases.
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I'm in Central Florida too.

Midwives (CNM) at Tampa General Hospital will take a VBAC patient. They require external CFM, but would have *allowed* me to take them off for bathroom breaks, and *allow* me to stand beside the bed instead of being completely confined to it. They agreed to a heplock instead of IV. Other than that, everything they said sounded ok, but I was still scared to death of them.

OBs in Inverness (that did my c-section) said I would be allowed to VBAC, but they were much scarier to me than the midwives in Tampa. One said I had to have an epidural *just in case*, another in the practice said I didn't, but I might want it for the intra-uterine exam he *had* to do after the birth (he didn't come out and use that word, but I figured out what he was talking about)...and ran far away!

I ended up having an absolutely amazing and wonderful homebirth on April 5, 2004 with an LM in Sanford.
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3 little birds -- Dr. Gatto is my midwife's backup to! I'll be seeing him in a couple/few months to get clearance.
That's great that he does so many of them as well.
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Hum. Dr. Gatto is the OB who is on-call for my midwives as well. I had no idea he was so progressive! His office *isn't* right across from the hospital, though, it is about 6-7 blocks away. It's interesting that he can get away with that. I'm glad!

The hospital he works at is the one I delivered all three of my boys at. What a small world is that!?
Onlyboys, Woops, I could of sworn that my midwife told me he was across from the hospital-perhaps she was misinformed or I misunderstood. The rest of the stuff I heard from his lips!

For my clearance he did tell me he didn't think a home VBAC was a good idea and why, but that it was my baby, my decision and he wasn't going to tell me what to do. I am very grateful that he signed my form and was honest with me about why most OB's aren't going to actually allow a VBAC. I finally understood.

Cinnamonamon-I am in Bradenton, my new midwives are in Sarasota.
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:LOL Me too! I live kinda near Super Walmart, and my midwife is Christina Holmes...
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I will be having a VBAC at Sarasota Memorial Hospital
Hey Kati! How are you, chica? I haven't seen ya in forever! I got some nasty little bug that just wiped me out. Hopefully it's a 24 hour thing...

Congrats on the VBAC!
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Come to LLL next week- my last one before the baby
Or better yet, just come over and play with us!
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