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I have regular prefolds about 2 dozen of them I think. I got them thinking they were premium because thats what they told me, but really they are the size of regulars. Anyway to make a long story short they are CPF's and European. These are too small on my Peyton and even with new baby on the way I have plenty for him/her anyway. The prefolds are not frayed. Some have no staining, some have light staining, some are pretty stained. They are bleached which is also something I don't care for.

So, I was thinkin, if anyone has premium prefolds, that maybe has a new baby on the way or the premiums are just too big and would like to trade? I bought some Unbleached prefolds from babies enchanted garden and natural babies and LOVE LOVE LovE them. If I can get some of those, I would even pay the difference since they are unbleached. I don't care about staining, I just want the right size and the absorbency

I may even have more than 2 dozen. If no one wants to trade but is intrested in these let me know that too

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