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I need to get rid of some stuff!

prefolds- 12 toddler and 12 premium
5 well used prowraps L
large zippered wet bag blue with dragonflies
5 doublers
4 wooden puzzels
set of stacking blocks
set of bright colored wooden blocks
bag of board books- some in poor shape, but most are good/ok
Lite Bright
Your Fertility Signals -Merryl Winstien
The Five Love Languages Of Children
Between Parent and Child-Ginott
How Children Learn- Holt
The Homeschooling Handbook-Griffith
Getting the Love you Want- Hendrix
The Couples Companion for Getting the Love You Want- Hendrix
Love Games- Waldman (not that anyone would want the relationship books I have
bag of sci fi books (from box of random ebay books)

children's audio tapes
walkman (for tapes)
kid books
disposable baby wipes
other things for in the car
clothes for me!
clothes or shoes for boys- around size 4T
cross stitch supplies
I am a sucker for books (although I am going to try to resist!)

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I'd like Getting the love... Harville Hendrix.
You can still have my jeans (in exchange for the fleece wraps you already gave me
), although the more I think about it the surer I am they'll be too big...

Let me know how much you want for the book.
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