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Anyone want to get rid of left over cord tape or clamps?

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I can not see paying $6 or more in shipping for a $2 item! Anyone have any left over they want to sell or send FFS?
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what about shoelaces? or braiding your own tie with embroidery floss?
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Can I sterilze them ahead of time? I thought it was just a joke about using them.
actually, they don't really need to be sterile, but you can sterilize them ahead of time. you can boil them or even bake them at about 225' for an hour or so.

it's best if they're clean and new, but they don't have to be sterile (how bad am I for even saying that?).
I've used non-sterile cord tape MANY times and I use a cord bander that is sterile,but the bands we use are not.
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Hehe yep I really used shoelaces (baby shoe sized) though I do joke about it. I didn't need to but I boiled mine and then left in the pot of water until needed. It cost about $1
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Then thats a cheap fix
How tight do I need to tie them? I plan on waiting till it stops pulsing anyway but worry about the horror stories I hear about blood still spurting out when clamps are removed a couple hours later.
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I didn't use shoe laces, but I did use cord tape this last time and I never removed it (just trimmed it real short). There never was a problem with blood escaping and it didn't bother the babies like a clamp would.
I was planning on braiding dental floss. Is that a good or bad idea? I can just get some new shoelaces if that's better.
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