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anyone want to make me a maternity dress for a wedding?

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I have a wedding in may. My dd's are in the wedding, so i need to look nice. I am a size 20-22? or so and will be about 17 weeks or so. The wedding is in Kentucky, so it will be warm.

I would love something linen and cotton...any help? no black dresses...
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Ha Ha, very funny! I have a hard time just getting in the shower and getting dressed and you want me to fire up my sewing machine and make a dress?!
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ahh, but at least you sew. I am horrible at cutting patterns (weird...shouldn't be hard), and keeping them organized and then actually is scary. I sew by hand pretty well, but I won't have the time and I want something nice.

what if I ask...pretty please?

seriously, if you know someone who sews, i would pay well...
If you decide not to have it sewn, there are some really nice ones on Lane Bryant's site.
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I found a site that might help you. I really like the Samantha gown. I am not sure what the sizing is though. I am a size 20-22 too. Not sure if that would work with the XXL or not.
Thanks...those dresses look great. I found a great dress, but not in my size. I will keep checking lane bryant...

I just don't want black in kentucky in late may...too hot!
OMG I'm cracking up about the maternity wedding dresses!! What a sign of the times!

I wish I could sew better - I really would like some nice clothes. I never find anything I want to wear...
I'd check David's Bridal. They have lots of maternity bridesmaid dresses that aren't too fancy.

I was in my brother's wedding when I was pg with DD and I had a dress made since they didn't have a maternity gown in the style my SIL picked. I HATED it. It just didn't look right. I loved the gowns at David's though!
I found some plus-size at David's Bridal website. Could you possibly order one size up to accomodate your pregnancy? In May you will only be about half way.
Here's what I found. I think there are some really beautiful ones here.
I just thought of that I am not sure if you are the bride or not. I assumed that you are the beautiful bride, so I am sorry if I mistook your question.
I wasn't very clear...sorry! can I blame it on pregnancy sleep deprivation?

My dd's are in the wedding, but I may to help walk them down if they get scared.

I think I found something

still looking for a dress but it is an option
Oh cool. Sorry for mistaking your question. I also have pregnancy brain, and get really excited anytime weddings are brought up. I will keep looking, just because I like to. I am going to a wedding in June, and am looking for something nice too.
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My issue is wearing black. if I wore black i could easily find a dress.

*thinks* there has to be someone localy who could make me a nice dress.
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