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Am I allowed to post this in our DDC???<br><br>
I have a Heiny Hugger in newborn size (<a href="" target="_blank">see it here</a> and though it says it only comes in white, I think mine is technically natural color).<br><br>
(I also have hemp votive candles in a few aromas ($1 a piece) and other things if you want to see a list. )<br><br>
The diap seems to be well taken care of and in good used condition. "Newborn" has been cut off the tag though. These are supposed to be similar to, but slimmer than, Kissaluvs.<br><br>
If you have something(s) worth $7-$8 that you can trade with me for the diap, please PM me!<br><br>
I am looking to trade for new or EUC onesies, t-shirts and sleepers. Sleepers in 3-6 but the rest in 0-3 or 3-6. Hopefully gender neutral colors, though I can take anything since onesies are hidden under clothes and those sleepers can be worn at night. But GN is preferred.<br><br>
Keep in mind, I will take a red, navy blue, etc.. if it doesn't have cars and football kind of stuff on it. I've got a navy sleeper in an orbit theme that I would still use on a girl.
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