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Anyone wash their hair with Dr. Bronner's liquid soap?

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I wash my hair with Dr. Bronner's liquid soap sometimes. Is this a good natural shampoo? TIA~
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I don't use Dr Bronners, but I do use castille soap that I add EO's too, so basically the same. Natural shampoo recipes that I have seen call for castille soap and then what ever herbal blend you desire, so Dr. Bronners seems to be fairly on par with this.
I use Dr. B's as shampoo. I like how squeaky clean it makes my hair feel.
... and that I only have to have one bottle in the shower and it covers all the bases.
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I wash my scalp with baking soda and a squirt of Dr. B's. I like the peppermint because it makes my head tingly.
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i use it sometimes mixed with water and a tiny bit of almond oil and essentail oils.

I spray it on and it works well
I asked before in diapering, but have any of you used Dr. Bonners to wash wool soakers? I use it in the wash sometimes and it make my diapers so soft.
I use Dr. B's on my hair. I like the kind with tea tree oil. It helps with cradle cap on my toddler and dh with dandruff. I also like having only 1 container in the shower.

I haven't used it on wool soakers, but I do use it on my dipes and covers.
I use it as shampoo as well. I alternate with some Aubrey's Camomile that I have.

Didn't I read somewhere NOT to use Dr. B's on dipes? I thought it left a soap residue. Hmm.. Anyone else know for sure?
hey, if you like it, go for it!

that said, it's REALLY strong stuff. i mean i use a tablespoon (!) in a whole load of laundry. so maybe it's not surprising that when i tried it on my own hair it just felt too stripped-dry. i've been thinking maybe it would be ok if i really, really, really diluted it, but i'm too chicken to try it now that i've committed to growing my hair longer.

you might want, at least once in a while, to follow your soap wash with an acid rinse -- about 2 tbsp of vinegar or lemon juice to a pint of water seems to be about average. tinker with it. it will remove any soap residue & make your hair soft & shiny. oh, yeah, you rinse it out after working it through. duh me.
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I did back in college and absolutely hated what it did the texture of my hair.
I use this a lot for ds as a shampoo/wash and I use it myself but only for a wash-I need super duper conditioning on my hair! I thought I too, have heard that you should not use on dipes. I've never tried it on ours because I've never gotten a straight answer.
I asked one of the peopleat the hfs that I get mine at, and she said it's not a good idea to use it on dipes. It most likely will leave a residue (especially in hard water). I haven't tried it since I'm afraid that it will build up.

I'm going to have to try it as a shampoo (especially since I just ran out and I feel like being cheap, lol).
I stopped using it as shampoo, because it made my hair feel just icky (not clean). I really wanted to like it as a shampoo, but I just don't.
I use it as shampoo but I mix it with a few things first. I make some lavender tea that I mix 1/2 & 1/2 with the soap, then I mix together some jojoba oil, shea butter & cocoa butter and mix that in too along with some tea tree & lemon essential oil. I love this stuff, it works great and I use the almond Dr. B's so it smells so yummy! After I wash I usually put a drop of straight jojoba in my hands and tease it through my hair, this makes it more controllable.
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