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Anyone watching the Downing Street Memo Hearing?

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It will be rebroadcast tomorrow night 8pm on Cspan2 (but please check the Cspan website for confirmation of that- they change things sometimes).

It's hugely important! I watched it and haven't felt so hopeful in a very long time.

Joyce in the mts. beat me to it!!! Was just checking it out and came here to post it!

Joyce in the mts.
I was wondering if anyone was going to post about this! I think it went really well, although it would have been nice to hear (we were listening on Cspan radion) Bush & Co. show up to defend themselves
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Hey Eyes...

Great to know that the "Eyes of the World" were watching too!

Joyce in the mts.
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Well, we can only hope!
I heard it on NPR LAst night. My local station WMNF 88.5 Tampa, Fl. I was incredibly upset when the mainstream news had no mention of it, ( I don't get CNN) yet they had announced Tom Cruise's engagment.

It's still going to be on tonight at 8pm on Cspan2 as far as I might wanna check Cspan's website to confirm.

Joyce in the mts.
Hi Joyce!

If folks can't catch the hearing on cspan, Take Back the Media is offering a dvd of the meeting.
OH my gosh...I have not thought about TBTM in a very long time!!!

(I met Stranger years ago. I doubt he'd remember me, but still, I remember his flashes ROCK! Symbolman rocks too.)

Well, thanks for posting that alternative opportunity for viewing the hearing.

Joyce in the mts.
I'm paying attention! I hope that this hangs the asses on both sides of the great water.

BTW - it was on Yahoo news last night, so some people are seeing it!

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