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MIL lives in Osawtomie KS -- just south of Olthea.<br><br>
She is chooseing to become an invalid. loooooooooooooooooooooonge story adn it makes me very very very angey<br><br>
Anyway -- SIL works in Olatha.<br><br>
MIL is going to -- as the plan stand now -- come stay with us in Iowa for 60 to 90 days. she is either gonna get better, or the fam is going to have a come to reality meeting with her at the end and tell her we want her assessed for Indep Assit Living --- at this point, personally, i do not think they would accept her as i do not think she can "make pathway to safty" and so on -- more for lack of effort and chooseing to be a drama queen than any real physical limitation (mentally, while she acts like a spolied 4 yo -- she can still floow instructions -- if she can hear them). --- beacuse they are going to be in a positon tol tell her -- we did this 90 day thing, you knew from day one you needed to start to imporve and do more independantly and you deither could not or did not.<br><br>
So I am looking to see what i can find in the Oltha area --and start trying to look at prices.<br><br><br>
anyone with any suggestions?<br><br>
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