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i am 34 years old and have been trying to get pregnant for about 12 years i just started going to the doctor about 2 yrs i know i wait long but had no insurance i will soon though,,,,,,,,, i still hope the doctor says i have pcos and high testostrone and that why i really don't ovulate and the rest is fine ,, husband is fine,,,,,,,,,, but i need to see a specialist to see what he can do for me they say i have to lose weight which is the best thing i could do to help the pcos its hard everyone tells me i need "will power" if i really want a baby i would lose it ,,its easier said then done.....they put me on metiformn 3 a day since a year ago and 3 times on clomid and nothing the doctor just says lose weight even if you go with a specialist hes going to tell you to lose weight its hard for me because food makes me feel better i know its wrong and i have lost some weight but i need to lose at least i think 65 pounds anyways i feel depress and i am the only one that doesn't have any kids in my family ,,,,,my husband is the oldest of four and the only one that can carry on the name i feel so bad for him i feel like cause of me its my fault i will see what happpens hopefully gods bless me do you deal with the family ,,everyone has children but me and I really don't go around them I feel like i don't have anyithing in common with them like birthdays they all have kids?,
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