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Anyone without many symptoms?

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Ok, so at 5w1d here's what I do have: crankiness, a bloated belly that makes me look preggers already, big hunger, lots of saliva, insomnia (but partly due to my anxiety over some asthma symptoms at night that make it hard for me to relax and sleep). What I don't have: sore breasts, debilitating fatigue, gagging/nausea (which I had last week).

I know I'm hypersensitive b/c my last two pregnancies ended in m/c, but does anyone else not feel much? I know it's early and I also knwo that people can feel preggers without many signs, but I worry. I'm taking progesterone vaginally twice a day in hopes of staving off any m/c, and my OB is very optimistic and has told me that a positive attitue is paramount, but it's hard.

My five year old is happily chatting away about this baby and I so want it to stay.

Anyway, does anyone else not feel much? Or not feel the more typical pregnancy feelings?
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I am pregnant for the first time and I have fatigue almost every day. My breasts are sore and sensitive about every other day. I didn't realize that not all women experience morning sickness. Since it is my first, I don't know what to expect and I sometimes feel like I am not pregnant (expect my period is verrrryyy late). I am 7 weeks 5 days.

From what I have read (and my baby's father told me just this morning that I am obbsessively reading), every woman experiences something different during pregnancy. I don't think it means too much if you don't have some of the classic symptoms.
Up until 2 weeks ago (I'm only 6 weeks along) I wasn't having any problems aside from sore breasts and that was only in the evening when taking off my bra.

Then things started to happen...I'm convinced mostly because I was talking about how great it was not to have any problems. The smell of garlic and onions makes me sick, morning sickness has started a little bit, and I'm starting to be tired all the time, not to mention the occasional complete aversion to eating anything.

Try not to worry. Easier said than done, I know but don't try to compare this pregnancy to any other pregnancy. Because every pregnancy is different and you are just going to make yourself crazy and worry. Think positive thoughts and tell your baby how much you love having them right where they are.
Thanks, Sunshine Girl.
I just had a small nap, which I need more of but my dd needs me awake right now. I wil keep tellign this babe how much it's wanted.
All shall be well.
i haven't been having many symptoms either - just being tired, feeling a little off (though not nauseous really) once in a while, and my jeans feel a little tight.
i don't feel at all like i did when i was pg w/ dd.
maybe we'll just be lucky this time around and not have to deal with morning sickness.
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I don't have alot of symptoms either, but it's still pretty early. I'm only 5w3d, and IIRC, my morning sickness and boob pain didn't start up last pregnancy until at least 6 or 7 weeks, maybe 8. I forget. But I know it wasn't this early. Just SEEMS like it was.

I have very mild queasiness on occasion, and have had that since before AF was due (same as last preg). I've really not had boob pain, but I'm also still nursing, so that might hold it off some. The biggest way I can tell I'm pregnant? The fact that my pants don't fit at all.
I'm using the rubberband trick on my jeans for over a week now, and the rubberband is now stretched about 2"! This is also similar to last preg - as my mom says, "The waistline is the first to go!". Last preg (1st one!), my jeans were tight before AF was due, so I was wearing sweats at 9 days dpo. My mom came over for lunch, saw me wearing sweats, and on the way home, she told my dad that she thought I was pregnant.
I didn't test until two days later!

Right now, if I smell something bad, it will cause me to gag a bit, but otherwise, I'm just not feeling too bad yet. I'm starting to get a little tired in the afternoons... And one night I slept like a LOG for 11 hours. My DH said I looked pitiful that morning when he left for work and I was still in bed.
But the day before, I'd had an allergic reaction to something, causing itchy rash all over and the balls of my feet went numb (I think they might have been swollen on the bottom - the tops of my feet were not swollen though). So I'd taken 1 Benadryl around 5:15pm, on the recommendation of the OB nurse I called, and that made me super tired and I just slept really well that night - just 1 pill! Luckily, the rash and numbness/swelling(?) were gone by morning. Who knows what I'm allergic to... I stopped the prenatal vitamins I'd just started taking 2 days prior, and will take one tonight and see if the symptoms show up again this week.
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I just have sore breasts and the lovely bloat that makes me look 5 months pregnant already! Oh, and lower back achiness any time I exert myself. I never had morning sickness with DS, so I'm hoping not to have it this time either. Hear me knocking on wood?

Last time my bad symptoms were heartburn in the 2nd half, and horrible swelling the last 6 weeks. I'm SOOOO looking forward to that!
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I have zero symptoms. I think I'm around 6 weeks, give or take, but didn't know until this morning. I didn't even really suspect it, other than the fact my period never fully came, just spotting old blood for several days now at 50 days after the first day of my last period. I did that with my last pg for the first 12 weeks so the thought crossed my mind that I might be pg....lo & behold!!

I didn't have any symptoms other than fatigue with my last pg (this time last year). I'm expecting that to hit any day now.

My belly was already rather out there, so I've not noticed a difference there.

I'm still exclusively nursing my ds & did have some tenderness several weeks ago for a few weeks but that was it. They're fine now.

I'm really looking forward to those mat. pants!! Those things are SO comfy!!! LOL

Hope you momma's are feeling better quickly. Being newly pg can be the pits!

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Hello! Nice to know there are others out there who feel pretty good too! I'm 7weeks and 2 days
I think I went a cup size in my bust, but thats really it! When people have been asking me, sooo "How do feel?" and then I tell them great! I feel good. It really kinda gets to me when there like oh well, its still early, give it time before you don't. What?!!! Do you want me to feel crumby?
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I'm feeling pretty good. (well not right now because I'm sick with a cold but pregnancy wise I'm ok
This is way different from the other two. I hope it sticks though!!!
I'm tired but thats not unusual
but thats about it I think I'm like 8 weeks?
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Ok, I knew responding to this thread would start up the symptoms... Today, I've been VERY queasy all morning.
I'm 5w4d!
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I havent really "felt" pregnant. I think I am starting my 10th week today. could be my 9th. I am shackey on dates.

I was SO excited Friday evening becasue I actually threw up. We went to dinner with firends Hibachi (YUM). When we got home I noticed the cat had puked. I usually have no problem cleaning this up. I grabbed a plastic bag and some paper towels. I put the bag over my hand with a paper towel in it just like normal. I bent down to wipe it up and threw up all over the plastic bag. So DH (who can hunt and butcher a deer) is standing there yells gross and RUNS away. I get two more bags and a BUNCH of paper towels. I managed to clean up the mess and only throw up one more time.

DH had a good laugh when I said "I was excited about puking becasue it made me feel pregnant"

Other than that episode the only thing I have had is fatique. And DH would say I have snapped at him several times. One memorable one is when he was watching the American Idol results show (LAME) and I did a two minute tirade on how stupid it was that I would just find out ont he internet inthe morning without all the fake drama. Then not tow seconds later I snapped at him to "get out of the way of the TV" He just looked at me like I lost my mind
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It's hard for me to rationalize that every pregnancy comes with a different set of symptoms...especially the symptoms seem to be few. My last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, even though all the physical signs seemed to be on par....the all day sickness, intense fatigue, sore boobs, etc. I'm about eight weeks pregnant now and all I have are sore boobs, a little fatigue and sometimes certain foods disinterest me. But it is easy to think of what other factors could be affecting the last two symptoms other than pregnancy. I have moments of being really confident about this pregnancy and moments where I slip into miserable what if scenarios. Perhaps that is a good emotional clue that I am truely pregnant.
Not only is every woman different, every pregnancy is different. I wouldn't be too concerned with your lack of symptoms... it's also a little soon to start noticing. Most symptoms show their ugly face around week 6. I'm 5w 3d and the only symptoms I have are fatigue, indigestion, and hunger. No nausea and no breast tenderness. Some women never have a single symptom. Count your blessings and I'm sure you are going to have another beautiful child... congrats and good luck.
I hardly have any. ust some mild nausea and alittle fatigue. But I really don't feel that much different than I do not pg. I really never get very many symptoms with any of my pgs.
I've had much more mild symptoms this time around...except I've been having some 'crampy feelings' in my back...not sure if that is just a growing uterus or what...but it is a bit worrisome for me. No bleeding...and I do have some morning sickness and breast tenderness. Some adversions, usually extra hungry thought...but confused about the back ache feelings...anyone else?
Hi there I'm going on 6 weeks and have hardly any symptoms thankfully. The only thing is that once and a while I have slight cramping and slight pain once in a while on both sides. It took me 3 years to get preg. Is this normal?? Please respond, thank you.
I've had quite a bit of cramping, like my period is going to come. As I'm getting further along, it does seem to be getting better. Plus I am getting sharp pains on the sides, which is just the round ligaments (the ones holding the uterus in place) stretching with their "big load"
My midwife said as long as the pain isn't excrutiating and isn't accompanied by bleeding, it's all just the uterus stretching.

But if you're at all concerned, give your provider a call.
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No symptoms here either, with 2 kids at home with me I sometimes forget I'm pregnant. At 9 weeks I feel great (knock on wood). Every few days nothing will appeal to me foodwise but I don't feel sick. With DS and my molar pregnancy I was sick sick sick by now, with DD I felt exactly like this.

I'm not having a whole lot of symptoms either. Like someone else said, I'm totally convinced that I'm not pregnant. I've got cramps like my period's going to come any second, I'm exhausted, my breasts are huge (well, for me ... which means they're actually like a B right now) and very sore, and I don't have much of an appetite.

And that actually freaks me out. Last week I was STARVING and then this week, it's not that I'm nauseous, I just don't have any desire to eat anything.
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