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anyone's Baby get a rash with Bum Genius?

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Just wondering if any of you have noticed a rash with the Bum Genius dipe? My son has been wearing Fuzzi Bunz pocket dipes with no isses for a few days and he wore his Bum Genius a day ago during the day with no issue...but he wore it again through the night last night and woke up with a slight rash all over....not sure if it was from the pee being up against him that long (although he wore his Fuzzi Bunz the night before without any issue) or if it's the material inside the dipe? I notice that it's not nearly as soft as the Fuzzi Bunz inside (maybe a different material? I better go online and check that) and the inner layer also seemed a bit more damp than the Fuzzi Bunz did...just wondering if anyone else ever had this issue? I was tempted to order more Bum Genius because they fit so well (and for soooo long too since they are one sized) but I definitely don't want Tommy getting a rash!
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Well, I went online and saw that the inside is made of suedecloth and not fleece like on the Fuzzi Bunz...maybe that's the issue?
Spme babies do have a sensitivity to suedecloth, test it by placing a fleece liner inside to see if he can tolerate the diaper that way
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Thanks! I don't have any fleece liners, although I did see some online by Jam Tots...I think they were $1.25 I need to order those or will any type of fleece that I can get myself and have cut work? I probably have some type of fleece laying around here from Joanns that I bought for crafts....will that work?
You can use fleece you have on hand for liners. You don't even have to sew the edges because fleece doesn't ravel.
My son totally broke out just like that when we first tried them. My friend is also having the same issue with them. Both babies are fine with microfleece. I agree that a liner is a good option if you dont want to sell them. Just grab a 1/2 yard and cut it up. No sewing needed!
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