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Anyone's LO *not* smiling?

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I just looked through the baby pics thread and so many of your LO'S are smiling!
So, why does my baby seem so miserable and serious and I've seen maybe one or 2 half-smiles adn that's all.

\i have an appt for him with the doc on Wednesday, and \i guess \i'll ask about it then...I did notice he doesn't smile much before, but the pics thread made me realize how different and not happy he is...\\

anyone else?

oh and sorry about all the backslashes, new laptop and \i'm not used to having to reach so far for the shift key
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My son was a really serious and laid back baby. When he was little he didn't smile much until he was about 3 months old. He just liked to chill... it wasn't that he was unhappy, it was just his personality. Now of course he's a total attn whore and is all smiles, espcially for the camera, lol. Maybe your baby is that way?

This new little one is a total lovey dovey baby and likes to smile a lot. I can already tell that she has a different personality than her brother. She's more alert and interested in everything around her and likes to be involved in things.

I'd still ask your doctor since you seem a little worried about it though. I wouldn't lose my mind over it though... all babies are different and fall on different ends of the spectrum, but that doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with them if they aren't like a lot of other babies. ((hugs))
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My ds doesn't smile a lot, either. He smiles sometimes when I stroke his belly during a diaper change, and he gave my mom some big grins the other day, but it's not like he's doing it frequently.

Give him some time, mama. Our babies are still so little!
\i guess it 'worries' me more because i do feel he is uncomfortable. \i originally made the appt with the doc to discuss reflux. during his awake hours he's just pretty much screaming/squirming/uncomfortable and my mommy intuition tells me he's hurting.

thanks for the words of encouragement.\

my first dd was always very serious, rarely smiled etc. she's still that way to an extent, more reserved, but as a baby she WAS sick/hurting. DD2 was always and still is very smiley, loves to laugh and make others laugh so \i do konw they're all different. \i guess my experience with my first sweet dd makes me more hyper aware of any signs of pain/discomfort
It may be that he's uncomfy like you said..... or it could be a personality thing.

I know my first two kids smiled early and often.... my 2nd baby didn't smile till 5 weeks and not very often after that..... it's just here lately that he's starting to smile more.. but still not nearly as much as some kiddos do!

I know my kiddo has acid reflux and I do feel like that has affected how happy/unhappy he is.. hence less smiling/playing.
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