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Wow! I had just been thinking yesterday, "ya know, I don't feel too bad today." My nausea and general feeling of unwell had disappeared. I wasn't feeling the waves of oh, I better get some soup warmed up now or I'm going to throw up! I walked around all day yesterday with my 10 mos old dd
and we had fat burritos together at a restaurant (she ate avacado, one of her faves). It was a really nice afternoon!

So, this morning I'm expecting to wake up feeling poorly, but I don't even feel pregnant. My appetite is still poor, I won't eat tomato sauce
out of the jar. I would rather have butter and melted cheese on ww noodles. I'll eat broccoli, but fast, thinking ok that's the veg (whooh
: ). But feeling better is a welcome break, since my dd still wants to nurse, nurse, nurse.
That was making me feel pretty darn poopy!

Be well mammas,

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