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I was given two rounds of magnesium sulfate to stop preterm labor at 29 weeks and steroid shot. Then put on muscle relaxers. Also had gestational diabetes. Really tough because I wanted to do it all naturally no drugs. Then 6 weeks of bed rest. At 38 weeks my blood pressure skyrocketed and was induced, I begged the doctor not to give me the mag again to let me have the twins first. She started both pitocin and mag. Luckily my twins were born within an hour and 4 mins. apart.

Anyway, I nursed them both at birth, my 5 lb baby was put in the NICU cause of hypoglycemia and poycythemia. Then I was told she was vomitting. My 7 lb stayed with me. 2 days later she was vomitting as well. I strongly believe it was from the magnesium. They said NO WAY. Then asked if I had taken any large quantitlies of herbs during my pregnancy??!! (wanted to do all kinds of testing) They told me there was bile in their vomit and pumped their stomachs not allowing me to nurse anymore. Long story short we signed them out of the hospital against the dr's will. Nursed them like crazy. Now very healthy 2 1/2 years olds.

After doing my own investigation, I found that they had something called meconium ileus.Clinical signs of meconium ileus

Infants with meconium ileus present with vomiting (usually bile stained), abdominal distension, and failure to pass meconium. A side effect from hyper magnesium ( high doses of mag). How can experts miss this. So glad I listened to my insticts.
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