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Hi, I'm writing on behalf of my best friend who just found out she is pregnant again. She has a son who is 10 and before him lost a baby at 7 mos and a few years ago lost a baby at 6 mos. I love her so much and she is such an amazing mother and I really hope she has a healthy baby. I was just wondering if there is anything you can do to help make sure things go as hoped.<br>
I know with her son she worked up until the day she went into labor and never had a problem but the other two pregnancies...<br>
She has not wanted to even ttc for fear of going through all that again. I had offered to be a surrogate for her because I know how much she would love another child.She just got married on the 14th of April and found out she was pregnant last night. I'm so happy for her and I want this to work out.<br>
I guess I just needed to talk to others who know what it is like to go through this.<br>
Anything you can suggest I can do for her? Anthing special she can do?<br>
Sorry if I'm babbling. TIA
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