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well who saw the new pull ups with buzz lightyear on them? well my three year old wasn't about to miss THOSE. Although he is completely potty trained and no longer wears diapers (not even at night YAY) he thought we MUST have thos for Joe (yeah pull ups for my 11 month old uh huh NO WAY) anyway I said "why would I want those ucky nasty chemical paper diapers on Joe?" he looks at me and thinks for a min and then says "yeah we can make him a buzz lightyear diaper that is WAY better than that anyway!" LOL my little man knows where it is at!
so :p on you pull ups, we can get a buzz lightyear diaper we don't have to throw away, and it will be better and more comfortable make Joe happier (and Jaden too for that matter) and we won't have to give you a #$$#%# dime! Ahhhahahahaahh

*raising a non disposable non wasting kinda kid and proud of it!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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