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I have just landed my dream job and must accept. If I could stay at home till all my babies are birthed and in school I would, but that just isn't economically possible right now. :(


In a couple week I will start my new job in Lees Summit, MO. It is full time, M-F, standard work week. I haven't ever been away from my 17 month old son for longer than four hours and I am freaking out a teeeeeny tiny bit.

We can't afford Montessori (oh so sad about this) and I am having the hardest time finding the right place for my son. It is crucial that he is in the hands of attachment parenting based care takers. No CIO, no time out, no humiliation... just love, respect, and understanding.

Please tell me some of you have recommendations for me??!!! It is important that he is close to my work so I can go visit and nurse him once a day. KC proper would be too far, just FYI.

Thank you for your help!!!
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