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AP group in MD?

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I am new to board. I saw mention of an AP group in MD. Is that happening? I so need to find a group.

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Where in MD are you. I am searching for people in the Hagerstown area.
Hi Kerry,

A group of us have been meeting in Anne Arundel County each week. We haven't talked about when or where this week, but we would love for you to join us!

there's one in takoma park, near dc...... I'm so curious about it!
I live in the Harford County area. Where in AA county do you meet and when?
I am part of a group that meets weekly in the Towson, Baltimore areas.

weesej- i am in hagerstown..... a few of us here have tried to meet up but it seems tonot have worked out yet!
i am going to start another hagerstown thread

So far, we've just been picking a time and place each week that works for everyone. We haven't decided on anything yet this week. You are welcome to check out the Maryland AP Playgroup thread for AA and surrounding counties. That is where we've been making the decision
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