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AP Play Groups

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Hi! Do any of you know of a way to find local AP Mom/Playgroups?! I'm tired of going to Gymboree and not having a SINGLE person to relate to. I would love to meet other mamas at least a little similar! Ya know?

Is there a website or something?
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Mothering has a place- look in "finding your tribe," then go to the tribal areas, find your region of the usa/world, and ask away. You may even find announcements for play groups.

Good luck!
Have you gone to a La Leche League meeting in your area? A lot of times that is a great place to find like-minded moms. There is also a site called where there are all kinds of groups formed such as AP groups and bf moms groups. Good luck!
Do you have an alternative birthing center in your city? They may have some sort of playgroup.
Attachment Parenting International sponsors support groups in many cities.

I don't know how up-to-date the website is, but you could check around your city for one if it's not listed. Also there are often regional AP groups - for example, there's one here in Portland that's Northwest AP-related.

I second the LLL idea - I've found a few great mama friends through my local group.

Good luck!
Also search yahoo groups for FNL (families for natural living) AP and anything else that comes to mind with your location. I've found a ton of people that way.
I know what you mean! I love My Gym, but ap moms? Ha!
I always assume that every new mom I meet is ap and then I get disappointed when I find out they're not... To me it's like "how can you *not* want to be close to your child, give them the best, cuddle & carry them, sleep cozy with them, etc."?

Here are three of my favorite ways to connect with other AP moms...hope it helps!

There's a database-based Yahoo group to connect AP moms all over the country. It's not a group that you post to, but rather one that is a large database full of other ap moms who've imput their information. You can contact them via email. Here's the link: AP Moms Connect

There's also a great listing of playgroups, some ap, on Matching Moms. You can meet individuals (it sorts other moms by age of child, distance from you, etc.) or playdates. It's a great free service and pretty active, too. Here's a link:

Last but not least, we South Florida moms are lucky to have a new and active group! If you live in South Florida, check it out! Here's a link:AP South Florida group

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Originally Posted by fiddlefern
Mothering has a place- look in "finding your tribe," then go to the tribal areas, find your region of the usa/world, and ask away. You may even find announcements for play groups.

Good luck!

When my dd was first born (ok so exaggerating a little
, I didn't do much but sit around in my pjs and nurse Anna until she was at least 3-4 months
: ) I was having a hard time meeting mamas in my area that I could relate to. After being to a few playgroups in my area when my dd was a tiny one, where most everyone discussed their baby's 'schedules', how well CIO works
: , when they were weaning (if they BF in the first place) and then thought the fact that I coslept and cloth diapered was 'such an inconvience to me'
I looked on the tribal areas forum. I'm not saying that I only want to hang out with people that are exactly like me and only do the same things :LOL but those ladies were not very open minded.

I have found that even if I only have met a few AP moms in my area (who are great btw!!!
) that their positive influence on my life is worth having less 'mommy friends' and going to less playdates. I would definitely check out the tribal areas forum and see if there are some mamas in your area! I'm really glad I did
Good luck finding a playgroup for you and your dc!
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