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I took a lot of flack from people when my kids were smaller regarding the way dh and I were parenting them. We were told that we would really screw these two people up and make them socially inept, clingy individuals. I always rolled my eyes at those people.

My kids are 10 and 11 now and are the coolest kids. They are totally social (too many friends, if you ask me!), can go to events without dh or me and be able to function, and are turning into open-minded people who see everyone around them as an equal who should be treated with respect. They can tie their own shoes (I was told my son would never be able to tie his own shoes at age 5 because I kept helping him with them), and though they both slept with us for several years, they both sleep just fine in their own beds (but still come to see us if there is a giant thunderstorm at night).

Just this past weekend, I had a really wondrous moment thanks to my dd, age 10. She and I were out shopping at a new store where they have a "VIP" club for the girls who shop there (in other words, mailing list) ANYWAY, the computer was asking my dd questions like what is your favorite color, who is your favorite singer. When she got to who is your best friend she put "Susan".
That's me! She put me down. It was so cool.

Good luck with your AP lifestyle. It's such a good way to live
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