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My dd will be 3 in December and was AP'd from birth. Okay so that's not really an "older" child but she's beyond babyhood now and we are making way for the next one. I never was able to nurse but I bottlefed with love, holding the bottles every time and she didn't figure out they weren't part of my anatomy until almost 18 mos. old. lol! Co slept, sling, all that jazz.

Well she's now weaned from bottles, sleeping through the night in her own room, and potty trained. Looking forward to girlhood now and leaving babyhood behind. She's very, very spirited and intense, always has been. AP has helped so much with being able to understand her, get into her head, and work with her strong personality. We were able let her self-wean, and very gradually move her to her own bed from ours.

I think without AP I would have turned to spanking and CIO very easily with her personality. AP was a tool to help me bond with her enough to be an understanding parent. She's very sensitive and sweet. Yeah, she's every bit a toddler too, has tantrums and battles of will sometimes, but I just feel like we were able to work with her on her own level to make her the confident, happy, kind young lady she's turning out to be.

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