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HI all! I currently live in MA (although I'm originally from RI). I'm looking to move back to RI and need some apt scouters! heh.
I need a 2 bedroom apartment in a SAFE, nice area...But, the rent can't be more than $750. I know, crazy. I have section 8 and that is all they will allow. waah.

So, if you know of a place, please let me know. I will ONLY live in an area that is safe.
There are a few areas that I'm specifically interested in:
* Edgewood (Cranston)
* East Side (Prov)
* Oak Hill (on the edge of the East Side)
* Warwick or Cranston
* Bristol
* Barrington
* East Providence

Will also consider other NICE areas.

I am a quiet, responsible mom. Non smoker/no pets. My son is sweet.
Avid reader of Mothering, Organic Style, etc.

I will be working as a nanny and I'm a Mary Kay consultant.

Ps. I can not have a roommate (section 8 rule).
Please email if you have any info!
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