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Apartment sized water heaters and homebirth

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I was hoping someone who has been through this can offer some advice. I'm strongly leaning towards homebirth with my next one, but there is one issue I can't quite figure out. We live in an apartment and have a TINY water heater. I forget what temperature it's at, but it's just a bit above the "safe" level water heaters should be at when you have small children in the house. Any lower and we would literally not have hot water left at the end of the day

Okay, long story, but the dilemma now is what to do for hot water during the birth. We don't have access to the hot water heater (the landlord would have to adjust it), so we can't turn it up just for the birth. I'm very concerned about trying to fill a labor tub and also having hot water after the birth for showering or anything else.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Any advice?

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I'd like to know what others have done too....I'm hoping for a long, hot shower during labor, but I'm afraid our hot water won't last as long as I'd like.
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I had that issue...
I had an aquadoula, which is a larger tub. We ran out of hot water when the tub was only about 8 inches filled! I had a really fast labor too, so there was concern it wouldn't get filled in time. What we did is my doula had to heat pans of water on the stove and fill the tub that way. You always start with hot hot hot water, and then add cold. Its a lot easier to get the right temp that way. Just make sure you have someone, like a doula, who can be filling the tub so that you won't be left alone. I would also suggest filling it at the first signs of labor. I waited until I was in active labor because my mw won't let a woman into water that's been standing for more than 24 hours, even if you add salt. This time I figure I'll be on the safe side and fill it when I think I might be in labor, it can always be emptied if labor doesn't start.
Best of luck!
Holly-did your aquadoula have a heater? Is it only to maintain the already hot/warm water?
we(ok not we but my sister and one of the midwives)had to boil water on the stove too.i guess it took quite a while but they were on top of the situation so it was ready when i needed can always get into the tub while you're waiting.
We kept a waterbed heater under the pool to help maintain the temperature. Although we did have to add pots of boiling water many times throughout my labor. If you don't have enough, I would borrow large pots from some friends so you can boil 4 pots at a time.
Yes, the aquadoula has heaters built into the walls to keep the water at an even 100 degrees. I don't think that they would be strong enough to heat up cold water, especially quickly, they're really more meant to maintain the water temp at 100.
Here's their website with some info on it:
I'm pretty sure a local doula or childbirth educator would have one for you to rent for cheaper though, this seems a bit expensive.
Thanks Holly. I did find a local one that is a better deal. I'm so excited!!!
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