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appetite changing already with excercise

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It's only been about a week or so that I've been eating well - keeping track of what I eat: 5 grains, 5 veggies, 3 protein, 4 fruit, 3 dairy, 4 fats, and exercising. I used to have the capacity to eat a lot, even if I wasn't necessarily hungry. Well, since I'm having to eat more veggies, I'm full more.

Today I had my lunch, cereal & milk, then I was at the store and thought I wanted more food. So I got a little bowl of soup and a small baguette to bring back to my office. And some tea. I drank the tea and ate a piece of the baguette. Then I didn't even want the soup or the rest of the baguette. I thought that if I ate the rest of the baguette that would be wasting my grain servings and then I couldn't have my angel hair pasta with shredded zucchini and garlic for dinner which is so yummy.

This might not seem like a big deal, but it is huge for me to not just eat everything because it is there.
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That is great! How inspiring. I find that exercise also has that effect on me. I think "Did I really work that hard just so I could have a cookie and break even?" (sometimes the answer is YES if it is a good cookie!) That pasta sounds yummy, I'll bet it was worth waiting and saving your grain serving for. Not to mention the good feeling your choice gave you!
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