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So I'm in the market for a computer and ipod and low and behold Apple has a promo for students that if you buy a computer you get a free Ipod.
Well I'm online and they ask what school your kids goes to..mmmm
So I ask online support and they give me a link to their homschooling page.

I'm thinking, way cool!!!
Bummer though the terms and conditions for the free Ipod state that a qualifying school must be confirmed but the guy who helped me said he would pass along my comment to allow homeschoolers.
BUT the homeschooling page has deep discounts and includes a free printer and these discounts aren't availble to public school kids so I thought that was cool!!

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How funny! Just today, my son went out and bought a little Macbook and got his Ipod and printer/scanner/copier - with his college ID. He's always been anti-Mac, always ready with (some pretty funny, I'll have to admit) wisecracks about Macs and Mac lovers like me - but he recently had to come to grips with the fact that this new little Macbook is just exactly what he needs. And he's loving it - all the little well designed gizmos and features it has. He has a hot gaming computer that's great for a whole lot of things, but this one is going to be his main school tool. They're great.
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