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Approximate number of Nursers in the USA and world? Need for a paper I'm writing!

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I would love a (link to) set of numbers including: estimated number of nursers in the USA and abroad, percentages these numbers have increased? lately, and number of La Leche League members or estimated number of nursing mothers.

Also, anyone know the name of the recent USA health program (or was it WHO) where one of the components of imporving childhood health and decreasing obesity was to encourage more/longer breastfeeding?

Thanks in advance for any help. Emily
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Have tried La Leche League? They have a ton of information on their website.

This is the Ross survey for the USA, its a bit old

AHHH, here's the only link you need:

this the HHS action Plan for breastfeeding

Actually, this is what you are looking for:

Communities Can Help Address the Problem, Surgeon General Says

Educate all expectant parents about the benefits of breast-feeding. Studies indicate breast-fed infants may be less likely to become overweight as they grow older.
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