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appt and other news

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I had a second u/s and appt today.. also did a pap.

Baby's doing good. I'm due for 9.26.10 instead of the 25th.. he said that was more accurate. SO whatever its a day.

So DF got his job that he was waiting on. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: which means at the end of March I'll be moving up to live with him and I"m so excited. It also means I get to have my homebirth short of any issues that pop up. We're looking at getting a house, but may have to rent for a while.. and i'll be able to stay home with the new baby for a while without it being much stress on us..

SO, anyone here from Illinois?

Oh and I ordered some CDs yesterday I'm excited for them to come in..

LOL DF is gonna hate me when he sees everything that I'm planning.
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Originally Posted by Illiana View Post
SO, anyone here from Illinois?
What part of Illinois? Its a large state.
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Quad cities area. My MW is in Peoria so I'll probably be there alot also. and I have some family in Chicago.
I live up near Rockford... though Im moving away come July
I'm so glad your DF got the job he wanted! Great news about the U/S and being able to have the home birth you wanted! Good deal on cloth diapers too! Wow good news all around for you!!!
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I'm in Chicago! Northside.
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