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Apraxia Conference near Chicago

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Anyone thinking of going?

For those of you near Chicago who have kids with apraxia, the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA) is holding their 2009 Apraxia Summer Conference in St. Charles, IL in July. They have an impressive list of speakers, including Nancy Kaufman and David W. Hammer.

More info here

Has anyone been to a CASANA conference before?
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Good Morning...I'm less than an hour from St. Charles but the cost ($250) is too high for us at the moment.

Are you going?
I agree. It is a lot of money. I'm leaning toward going this once, and that's it. Since it's a national organization, it probably won't be this close to home again.

We are pretty close to having to stop private ST entirely (the big buck$), so I'm hoping to learn enough to continue to help her at home.
Anyone going? Anyone?

There are some really nice stories on the new apraxia kids blog:
OK, this is my last bump. Next year's conference will be in Pittsburgh. I can't recommend this conference highly enough. I learned so much, and frankly I thought I knew quite a bit going in.

I will be posting some information on my blog ( with key tips I learned. Check back -- I'm not sure when I will have time, but certainly by late tomorrow.
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