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April 7th Mom and Babe Vancouver get together

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Any suggestions?
Would love to attempt.
Hope everyone is feeling better.

I ended up going to Kokepelli's last friday at Lunch time becasue I was running around in that area anyow, and it was Nuts in there! SOOOO busy, so many kids and babes...a little too much for me, but I suppose it would be quieter during the inbetween times.
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Umm, I din't mean to hit reply, and I just can't figure out how to delete...
Do you think Kokpelli's would be better if we went at around 10 or 10:30 or still crazy?
We are much better here, aside from a runny nose, which Cora is not letting me wipe

Going a little crazy from staying in so much, can't wait for a meet up
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Me too, i'm game, i need to get out!!!

So far Friday is calling for rain. Bummer, but that may change.

I dont mind having it at my house either, may be less crazy, and the coffee/tea is free. I can accomadate about 7 moms, plus kids.

I have a tone of garbage for the kids to play with too, grandparents NEVER listen.
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What area do you live in Lisa? I'd be totally into a house meet up.

i live in Marpole, at Hudson and 73rd. there is also a park very close, if it turns nice.
yes yes...
Lisa, I know you said you wanted to get you decide, would you like to meet at your place or somewhere else? I don't mind driving where ever...
I'm in no matter where we go

If we do meet at Lisa's, I can meet up with you Dawn, I know where she lives.
I can bring some tea or coffee or something. Ooooh I'll bring a snack for us!
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I'd love to come, but its too far for us.
It'd be like a 1.5 hr drive.

Maybe next time then.
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I think that might be a tad far for us. Probably a 1 hour+ bus ride. Is Friday supposed to be sunny? We could meet at Trout Lake maybe.

Hey Ladies!
I don't know if you're wanting to keep your outing small and intimate (that's nice sometimes) but you might want to post this on the regular vancouver tribe thread so that everyone sees it.
We're busy that day, but have fun!!

oh, and I think friday is *supposed* to be sunny...
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How about Trout Lake then? We can go inside the community center if it rains. Could we move it to 11-1pm though? We're getting up later because of the time change...

If it's not raining, why don't we meet on the South/East corner where the little playground is. I think there's even some tables over there too.

Maybe we can post a Where and When on the main Vancouver Thread thursday nights, but I'd like to keep this one going, only because the other one is way too long and I'm not going to search through a bunch of different posts to find out what's happening this week for the meet up. Just my thoughts on that.
Hi there,

I guess I won't make tomorrow's visit - my little guy has started to be a one-napping baby and naptime starts around noon. Maybe next week...

Do any of you Westside mummy's ever head to the park at Kits Beach?

Yes, lets definitely keep this thread going as well as mentuon it on the other thread.
Trout lake playground is fine with me, but I have never been there - is there grass or something the babies can crawl on? I will bring a blanket but I am just wondering what the terrain is like.
(I would usually add a smiley right here but it wont work. i miss smileys!)
Trout lake is ok. Next to the playground there's a nice patchy grass area that we could put out blankets for kiddos to do some crawling/playing. I'd be up for that. However, I think its supposed to rain.

Where is the community center? Is there a playroom or something similar that we could go to?
Trout lake sounds good to me too. the weather doesnt look so bad

i'm not sure what else we can do if it does rain, what else is over there?
So I called the trout Lake CC, and there is a cafe area, but no play area, so we could hang out there if it rains...they rent rooms but they are $21 an hour (a little high, I think), we could meet at trout lake and if it's raining go over to the cafe?
The weather looks ok, so hopefully we'll be fine.
so any preference on time?
Can we say 11-1pm at Trout Lake?.
There is PLENTY of grass, Sheila, I think you'll realy like the park, theres a small lake and little beach area too. I'll bring blankets as well...
I would be in for Trout lake at that time. To be more specific, shall we say by the playground then? (There's a parking lot next to it). Is the cafe close to there?
Trout Lake at the Play Ground.
The Community Center is on the grounds, so it is all very close.
I'll try to bring some tea in a couple of thermos's...but I don't have tea cups I want to bring a cup (smile)
Hope to see you there!
Ellaine, if i remember, I might bring my knitting needles, would you mind showing me how to cast on? It's been some time....
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