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April baby pictures - the second round

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I missed adding pictures to the other April thread and so I started a new one...

Here is a picture of Scarletti and I in Philly at the Midwifery today conference with Ina May!! (do I need to say how excited I was?)...

Scarlett, Ina May and me

The conference was incredible and Philadelphia was great!

Top of the Rocky Stairs

Here are some others I love:

Scarlett on a beautiful morning

Best cousins

Tattoo baby

Why that is positively shocking

I love seeing everyone's babies - keep 'em coming!!

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LOL!!!! omg that last picture is PRICELESS!!!!!
i can't believe you met Ina May! in Philly!!! where i LIVE!!!! (well, i'm in a suburb) and i had no idea she was here!!!!

wow...she is tell me more about the tattoo! what's the story behind that?
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You know what? I realized AFTER going to the conference that there were at least two or three women from MDC that I "know" that live in Philly! However, I did meet some MDCers while at the conference (although I didn't know them before I went)...

May I just say, that you live in an amazing city? I really had no expectations of what it would be like and I was really impressed...lots of green space, art and beautiful buildings. Also, the people were SO friendly! I admit to doing the touristy thing and went to the liberty bell and the declaration (Rocky stairs were number one on the list
...heh, heh, ahem...I'm so lame!).

The tattoo story...well, a friend of mine went to Vancouver and at the art gallery of all places, she found these baby tattoos...she brought them home for Scarlett and I almost peed my pants when she gave them to us!! There is one in the shape of a heart with "mom" written across it and another of a diaper with "spank me" on it (we won't wear that one in public
). The sailor/popeye one seemed to go with DSs incredible growth curve!!

And yes, I can die happy now having met Ina May...

Now, go post more pictures of your cutie...I'm permanently in love with Ava's cheeks!!

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Wow, that is so COOL that you got to meet IM! And, Scarlett is just soooo pretty!

We had Will's 4 mo pix done on Saturday (he's 4 mos tomorrow - wow!); here's the album:

Warning! 40 pics long! =)

Will on my back in the onbuhimo

Close up
How long will Will stay on your back - I'm dying to get Scarlett on my back but she doesn't like it after five minutes! I thought maybe she was too young?


PS Gorgeous pictures of Will by the way - what a cutie!!
I don't know how long he'd stay - indefinitely, I guess!

I think the longest he's been in the carrier in that position is probably about 90 minutes to 2 hours, but I take him out to change his diaper after about that much time, and usually switch positions and/or carriers after.

I do have to be moving briskly, and preferably outside, for him to like that carry. Well, just be moving for the first 5 minutes or so - then he's settled in to liking it and doesn't complain if I slow down.

Have you tried tying Scarlett a little higher? Sometimes they'll like it better if their view is improved...
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i gave up on all the downloading of pix so now i just add them to my blog.

recent pix (even from today i think), are on my blog: my favorite is of the boys sleeping last night before i put Mikey to bed. that one is here:

and check out the folds in these legs:

and the only pix i have of all 3 of them together:
Ethan is soooo cute! I just love that one of the two boys sleeping together on the bed. Precious.

It's so interesting to see your three boys together. I can't even imagine what it must be like to have such a wide age range in your kiddos. I feel like Hudson is old at 5, LOL!
believe me, i cant believe it either and tonight there are 2 other teenagers in the house. oy!!!! its school vacatino in Mass. (ds2) so i have an 8 year old right now that doesnt want to go to sleep!
OMG, that picture of Ethan and Mikey sleeping together is priceless! I have a pic of my (now 14 yr old) twins sleeping all over each other as babies, and it's one of my favorite pics.

Here's a couple of pictures:

Easter at the Park


Peapod laying around

This is what Owen thinks about his potty (bonus shot)

If those don't work, try here
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oh my i am such a nincompoop i keep forgetting to bring my camera to my sisters house so i can post the newest photos.

all those pics are so cute.
OMG these are such cute babies.

I love Scarlett's tat, too cool. She is such a pretty little girl.

Owen with the potty seat on his head is just too cute.

I love the pic of Mikey and Ethan. I told you guys I had a soft spot for sibling pics.

Here are the newest of Tharen. He is 4.5 months now, and growing everyday. Mommy is the best bed ever. The towel got me Yep, I'm naked. This crawling thing is harder than it looks Maybe I will just eat my fingers instead. Mommy milk is sooo good. Milk Drunk
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these pix are too cool! everyone's kiddos are so cute...can you imagine that in a few months we will be posting them crawling! my range is first one WALKED at around 7 months but the second one didnt even crawl or anything for over a year (he had health issues though). i just wonder when E will do any of those things.
Okay, I am DROWNING in cuteness!! This DDC has the cutest babies ever!
Love that first pic of tharen - blissful; the boys together - SO cute; and that little green hat - I love it!!!

Thanks for sharing everyone!

(sorry I keep posting on this thread - can you say obsessed?)

So I need to know, what is written under the milk junkie part of the shirt??


PS Gorgeous baby!!
I love watching them all grow and change!

I am putting all mine on a blog now also
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