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April Fools Day....everything's messed up here on MDC

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it took me forever to find the Dec. ddc. The screen is all green and everything is all crazy. weird man. weird.
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I agree, totally weird! I even tried to change the color down at the bottom and they are all crazy. Sage and lav is now bright orange and the blue is not hot pink! Hopefully its only for one day.
yeah, i normally have the sage and lavender ... and this orange background makes me wanna barf
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at least April Fool's Day is over an hour early
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well i for one am totally bummed! i went to LSU for undergrad and lawschool and can't even watch the rest of the game!!
and I HATE this orange! its April Fools...not friggin' Halloween! April is springing, pretty!! get it?? LOL
I thought April Fool's Day jokes were supposed to be funny, not a pain in the arse. I rarely have time to visit MDC anymore, and tonight I have to deal with this?!

(sorry if I sound cranky... my husband is annoying the poo out of me because he has Florida winning his NCAA bracket and he thinks he's all big and bad. whatever.)
oh i love love love orange it is such a great color.

so funny april fools day joke. one year ago today i told my mom, my boss, and a couple of other people that i was pregnant. ha ha right. well the joke was on me b/c it turned out i was actually pregnant. only a few days preggers, but here it is 1 year later and my girl just turned 3 months on the dot. LOL. and that april fools i just thought i was a riot no thought of being preg at all. i was shocked to find out...but oh so happy now.

why is everyone elses screen orange? mine is lime green. Bright lime green.

it's funny because last april fools day I told my mom i was pregnant, but she didn't believe me. she thought I was playing a joke on her.
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Mine's green too. And I see what you mean about the home page. I'm not even trying to find other forums.
Ugh what a PITB! I found this thread by clicking the link to see what everyone is reading. I guess I'll get back to daiper laundry.

Whose idea was it to do this anyway?? People coming here for help today were totally screwed.

My screen is orange and purple.

Wow, I didn't have any trouble with the weird layout. Sorry you guys found it so difficult.
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the background color has to do with what layuout you have. tan. lavender and sage, or blue.
as for the forums theya re just written backwords. at first glance i thought somehow my controls had been changed to a iffrent language, then i looked closer anf figured it out.

did anyone else ever switch the suger and salt on april fools day?
what are your all time best pranks.
mine was switching classrooms with my twin sister. my teacher laughed so hard she cried once it was figured out.
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