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April No Spending Challenge

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Anyone with me? I missed the last one, but could really use a no spending on anything but essentials, month. Got bills to pay. . . .

And if you've done this before, what is the hardest part of not spending?
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I'm doing it this month, and we haven't done this before, but when we hit those low spots, we don't usually buy anything....the hardest part is seeing something you know you don't need and thinking how good you have been and what a treat it would be. Just remember: you'll have buyer's remorse!!!

My only caveat this month is auto stuff becuase we are trying to get vehicles ready for summer and both cars need a bit of work. But I consider that an essential since we live in TX where you have to drive to go ANYWHERE!
Yep, I'm in. There are some things that will hve to be bought for the upcoming holiday, but after that, a shopping break is an order!
I am on board as spending relates to food! It is my goal to eat only things I have in the house for the next two weeks (gotta take it slow
) with the exception of milk and soda (I am only going to by soda for hubby though. I am going to make tea and lemonade for me and the boys). This really shouldn't be that hard since I have two full freezers of food. I have been in a bad habit of eating out lately but I really need to get back into cooking from scratch.
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I want to join the challenge..

Does diapers count as a need as my babe is due the first week of May and I still need some for him???

Originally Posted by amseiler
This really shouldn't be that hard since I have two full freezers of food.
TWO freezers! I wish you lived close to me! We could help you out with some of that food! lol

Diapers count...they are a toiletry! It's not like you can tell dc not to poo!

We are already finding it hard not to spend!

But I have decided that auto stuff doesn't count, since we live in VERY BIG Texas and you HAVE to drive, so you have to maintain your autos. Also, stuff for the garden that I am planting doesn't count, either, b/c (hopefully) that will eventually be food. But I really only need the seeds now, I have my bed all ready to go!
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Oooh, I'm game as long as you all do it with me! I could never make it without a support system. I have been sooo bad the last few weeks with internet spending. As long as I have a buddy or several, to check in with, I think I could do it!

I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm in! I'm not working anymore, so with moving to only one income should make a spending freeze pretty easy for me!
So, I thought I was finding it hard to not spend but I wasn't spending, I was THINKING about everything we need (not want...that list is long, too!). When we went out to do errands yesterday, I found it so easy to not spend I forgot to get bread b/c I pushed dh and ds out of the store so fast! Oops! So then I had to go back (NOT frugal! Waste of gas and time), and I also bought beer.

Is that bad? I mean, we are spending our money on NOTHING but essentials, and I figured it IS food (ya know, there ARE calories in it, right?). And it is nice to have a reward, esp. since we aren't buying ANY treats like ice cream or anything. But tell me this is bad so I feel bad and don't do it again.
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Well, I don't know if buying beer is under the essential food category or fun beverage category...I do know that if I deny myself or dp everything that is not essential we end up feeling deprived and splurge on something really pointless.
I'm in! Good timing, too, since I was just browsing the TP..
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I wouldn't feel bad about the beer.. well, as long as it was just a six-pack and not a 30 or something
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^^^^but a 30 pack is usually more cost effective...especially when on sale
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I got the 12 pack...we seem to drink them slower when we have more. Does that make sense?

So, what about things like haircuts? Is that a toiletry?
Well, dh broke his sandals (to be fair, I got them for him in Costa Rica and I purchased them at a supermarket, so not exactly the BEST quality) so he had to get new ones. Hmmm. I'm thinking the Compact wouldn't let us in

But he did good and didn't get them till I told him he could (he has vowed to buy NOTHING unless I give the ok...he's kinda bad with impulse purchases) and he didn't get anything OTHER than the sandals. I'm so proud!

Also, I've been wanting toddler furniture for ds and Kroger has these AMAZINGLY cute little puppy dog chairs (hard to describe, but let me assure you....adorable) that I want SOOO bad. But I think they got them for Easter, so I'm going to check next week and see if they are marked down and dh told me to talk to the non-foods manager about them, he said they like to talk to people (he used to work in a supermarket) so maybe I can get a deal! Or maybe I'll be strong and just not get it...but I can't seem to get the family to take the hint and buy him lil furniture, and no one on Freecycle wants to help a sista out, and I haven't seen anything on Craigslist. Any ideas to get lil furniture without buying new (or at least paying retail)?
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Fell of the wagon, but I have say I bought stuff I've wanted for a LONG time. I got a few things at the Container Store. A coat rack, that we needed. Also a lamp for DDs bed, also a really good thing, since she wants a light / helps her feel secure in her big loft bed.

And then a frugal item, one of those lotion mater things, hard to explain, and an empty, spillproof jar to put my nail polish remover in, so I can fit it in a tight, high space, safe from DDs hands. Wheww, now I'll just shut up, and not buy anything in April again! Except food.

Originally Posted by *andiflipping*
^^^^but a 30 pack is usually more cost effective...especially when on sale

true.. and that would be my reasoning as well
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