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April Showers bring MAY FLOWERS! ~~ April Thread for The MJ MAMAS!!!!

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I'm such a dork. I've always wanted to start the new month thread.

Our standing message:
Our purpose is to Support, Educate & Share information regarding the Many Common & UnCommon Uses and Abuses of Cannabis/Marijuana.

We speak about using our Tax Dollars on Numerous Humanitarian Efforts. And spending less money on the "WAR" against marijuana. Many governments attempt to mis-inform and discourage Right Education and Safe Access to Marijuana.

Countless Citizens find this plant medically useful and less harmful than disease causing prescription and over the counter DRUGS. We promote the use of this wonderful Medicinal Plant for Appetite Stimulant, Spiritual Centering, treating the symptoms of Morning Sickness, Chronic pain, Glaucoma and possibly Curing/Reversing Cancer, AIDS etc...
Keeping in mind that it is important to use all things in harmony with yourself and others.

We are also discussing Hemp, another misunderstood plant & seed, which has many wonderful non-medicinal uses < Fiber, Fuel, Plastics, Nutritional Value etc...> is also illegal to cultivate in much of the U.S.

As this is a public forum and may be viewed by anyone with internet access, please be mindful what you post on this topic. Everyone has different comfort levels and we wouldn't want to discourage anyone from joining us. So... please Speak, Act, and Medicate responsibly.

Welcome to our forum, newcomers, and enjoy!

Here is a list of useful links:
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Happy April Fools!
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subbing for now. . .

I think it was Caspian's Mama who asked right at the end of the March thread. . .are the MJ mama's outcasts here at MDC? IMO, the overall vibe here is supportive of MJ or at least the choice. But there are a few who do not, who are uneducated and who don't mind saying so and bashing someone who is asking honest questions. I always point those mamas to this tribe because I know they'll get support and answers. I honestly don't see it as an outcast type situation.

hey greenie, wanna edit your last post on the March thread with the link to this thread? Thanks for starting it
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Wow, what an April Fools Joke mothering is playing on us. I was like "What the hell happened to mothering ovenight!!!" Then I realized...oh's April Fools Day. Sheesh.

Just subbing for now, I keep saying I'm going to come back and post more, but we've been SO busy these past few days especially with my aunt in town and whatnot. I hope to have some time tommorrow to sit down and see what's goin on around here. I miss you all.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Yeah, I've been up all night trying to finish my work. Working for yourself is great, but you have to work a lot. I'm just getting my startup papers and everything done.. And I'm trying to simply be organised and prepared for the whole thing!

Yeah, Happy April Fool's Day!! I think I'm going to pull a sneaky prego prank on Carlo.
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Just subbing for now. Have to try and post later.

Yeah, I got Carlo good. I called him and told him that I threw up.. And that I was feeling quite nauseous. I thought that I was prego.

Well, he freaked out. I started guffawing (it was so beyond laughter!) and said April Fool's!! He said that it wasn't funny.

But it was!

How were your april fool's days?

Be cool mamas! Peace!
Hey there mamas
Oh Greenie I'm so glad your ok. You sound so happy
I don't remember everything all you mamas said but hopefully all is well
Welcome to all the new mamas!!!!!!! Were in Vermont for the weekend visiting Shanes dad and step mom. ew.... she's a beast. god forbid my 17 month talks to much... oh doesnt he ever stop talking.. no he's 17 months old when he sees your cat he's going to say cat a million times.. get a clue... right. she has NO clue, and no kids of her own. Oh well more stress than it's really worth. I cant beleive it's already april. Wow!!!! Love you all sooooooo much

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hey mama's, just subbing, sheesh, sounded like there was alot o' craziness in that thread btw rylee!! udderly rediculous!!
Hey Everyone, just popping in for now and saying Hello!! Happy April Everyone!!!!

I'll be back around, i have spring break in 11 days, so I'll have a bit more time to post.

Hope everyone is well!!
Hello, hello! Heading off in three days now (to GA...). Anyone in the area of Augusta available on the 20th?

Caspian's Mama - people who were pro-circ would get flamed much worse than anyone asking about MJ. More people on MDC are anti-circ than anti-medical-use-MJ (as it should be). Of course... recreationally, people tend to be a bit prudish about (though there are how many coffee addicts around here? There's even a smily for it. And caffeine is a much more dangerous drug than MJ is... seriously!). Then again, I haven't read the whole closed thread yet... I wasn't around when it happened or I would have jumped in for sure!

love and peace.
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Hey Mamas, I am new to this thread, but wondered if you could possibly answer a question for me, or help me to put a friend of mine's mind at ease.

So I guess what happened is that she had some workmen come to fix an appliance in her house, and they went into another room used for storage and saw something that was not really meant for them to see.It is not her's but her partner's, but still in the house where the children are.

She is nervous that they will contact someone, but her partner is unbothered by it, saying that they can't do anything.

Sorry if this post is coy, but not sure what I can or can't say.
i have a squirmy kid on my lap so i can't post right now, i'll post later.
have a great day
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Um, hi.
I know, I've kinda been invisible lately, I'm sorry! I think of you often with much
, however.
I hope you all are well!
I am jumping in now while the thread is still on it's first page! Maybe now I will be able to keep up!

ella-makes-3, I wish I had some advice for you.
I would be pretty worried myself, but hey, maybe it would be something like it's their word against your friend's, you know? Like, they didn't have concrete PROOF that they saw anything...

Hope some of the other mamas have better advice.

Gotta go, babe just woke from his nap and is all cranky-pantsy. Love and peace to you all!
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Hi mama's, I found this thread thru another thread by jakesmom. I too am suffering terrible morining sickness and am looking for support. I'm going to look thru the already posted links but also have a question. What can you do that doesn't leave an aftertaste? smoke aftertaste is making me throw up too
It was the only thing that was getting me thru and now I'm starting to worry about having to go get an IV. I'm sorry if it's weird to introduce myself and ask questions right away but I'm just really needing help!
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hey saritasmile! I am just starting to have the same thing happen too, the inhale is making me gag as well, I just need the after-effect is all. I've checked out the prices of vapourizers online and they all seem fairly expensive, a cost I just feel like I cant justify right now so it seems that this is the only way to partake for now...unless there are other suggestions? I thought I was pretty aware of most smoking methods but I hadnt heard of the vp-who knew?!
anyways, I just wanted to share that I went to my prenatal today and heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time! I was so nervous, I've had 2 m/c before this one and have felt pretty numb to all of this until an hour ago! Now I wanna run out and decorate the baby's room! Of course, theres that pessimist in me that still says its pretty early still...just keeping my fingers crossed

~still new~
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Okay, I have like, ten minutes.

First, Hi to you all.
Glad to see some new faces, and some of those mamas who've been tucked away for a while resurface.

Things are okay here. Spring is slowly but surely rearing it's head, and while I'm super glad that warmer weather is on it's way, I'm still stuck in this horrific depression that I am having difficulty shaking
. I'm reading (or trying to) "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. I laughed at the topic of one of the chapters: "How to have constant energy". Yeah. Right. This book is interesting, but hard to apply to a really fat mama with an insanely energetic 3.5 yr old boy <insanely energetic comment understated>. Things will get better, though, as they always do. Just been really emotional lately. That's all.

Le sigh.

Took DS to the MD today for some antibiotics for ANOTHER sinus infection( after trying to treat homeopathically) but ended up having a good experience. New doctor, one who is super awesome about the
stance. FINALLY! So that's cool.

Okay, five more minutes.

Greenie, great to see ya. Glad to hear things are going well. Thanks for starting the April thread!
@ the preggo prank on Carlo. You meanie.

RothMommy, glad to see ya, Happy Late April Fools to you too.
Mamaroni! Mama! Roni!
The overall vibe here at MDC is pretty accepting when it comes to MEDMJ. And people here know that everyone is entitled to their own choice, wether or not they support it.
Peace, glad to see ya, hope things are going well, mama!
Sorry to hear about the issues with Shanes step-mom, sounds like a real drag. Take it easy mama! I'm glad you are enjoying your son even though she evidently is not. Hope things get better over there quick!
Hippiemom, happy April!

Mommaluv321! Great to see you. How's the necklace? Have you worn it yet?
PaganPrincess, yay spring break! Enjoy it!
Trmptplaya! How ya doin mama! I agree with what you said, I have a horrific caffeine addiction (diet coke
: ) and I can't go a day without some caffeine. Speaking of which...<sips diet coke>
ella-makes-3, I wish I could offer you some better "been there done that" advice. If it was a bunch of plants, then I'd say find a place for them. If it was a pipe and a lil box o' smoke, don't worry bout it. Also, how long ago was it? If it's been a week or so, forget about it. They've more than likely got bigger fish to fry than tattling on someone especially if they didn't really SEE it or know exactly what it was. Who's to say it wasn't tabacco?
Rylee, hope all is well, glad to see you! You've been incognito for a while, no?
Hope "cranky-pantsy" feels better soon!
saritasmile, if the smoke is making you gag (sorry about that mama!) then a way to use it would be to eat it. Not just like eating the bud, but make it in some brownies or something. Otherwise, a vaporizer will work. They do make some cheaper ones. $70 or so.
Jakes mom, hiya! I'm sorry about what happened to you in the other thread. I'm glad you've come here and all the mamas here are totally awesome and full of information. And totally awesome on hearing baby's heartbeat! I remember hearing my DS's heartbeat for the first time, it was almost surreal. Yay! Sending good pregnancy vibes your way.

Alright. Well, I just went down the list and said something to everyone I could. I think I hit everyone. I hope that all is well with ALL MJ mamas (and papas!) and know that I think of you all often and even though I might not post all the time, I'm still here trying to keep up with everything. And hello's and how-ya-doin's to all those who I didn't write to! I miss ya all!

Phew! Now THAT was a post!

Take care all! Will check in again later!

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Yeah, TyeDyedEyes, I'm a Mean Green Prank Pulling Machine.

The Caseworker said that CPS will be off our case (no pun intended) in late April. Yay!! It's great. I feel such relief. Plus, not smoking has helped me to deal with some of the problems that I was depending on the MJ to supress. I've been cleared of my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Diagnosis, and my place is a little cleaner for it.

Plus, I have a super simple tasty recipe to share!


Per Serving-
1 Packet of Ramen Noodles (Top Ramen Oriental is Vegan)
Heaping Handfull (or two) Frozen Veggies
2 Tablespoons Teryaki Sauce (Soy Vey's Very Very Teryaki is my All Nataral Fave!)

1. Bring some water to a boil. Cook your noodles, drain, set them aside.
2. Heat the oil and cook yo' veggies.
3. Add the noodles, cook them in the oil for a few minutes, moving them around and stuff constantly.
4. Add the sauce, and enjoy!

I'm eating some now. It rocks! If your teryaki is too runny, add a little cornstarch. Thickens it right up.

Well, Mamas, have a wonderful night. Thanks Crystal! I'm just fine.

The reason I haven't really been around is that, well, reading about Broccoli all the time is kinda hard when you're restricted from eating it.
I'm back, though. Glad to be back.
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Hello mamas
Hope ALL is well....Wow Tyedyeyes that was a post!!!! I'm so sorry to hear your feeling blue lately. If you feel like venting here please do. We all want you to feel better, and we dont mind listening..
I know what happend to you has got to be really difficult to get through, but your doing it. Maybe someday in the future when Elias is 18
you can partake again!!!!!! Hows Carlos doing with the not smoking either? Im so excited for you both. Jakes Mom oh how happy I am for you
Its so cool to hear the heartbeat. I will to send you lots of healthy happy baby vibes as well
Ella-makes-3 Tey not to worry. I totally agree with Tyedyeyes unless it was something big, dont stress!!!!
Trumptplaya ahev lots of fun in Georgia
I hope your feeling healthy and Happy too
Hugs to you all
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