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April Vegetarian and Vegan Livin' Thread

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welcome, Veggie Mommas!!! it's april, what are you cookin' up this spring?
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i just made the yummiest vegan chocolate cookies!

this week i'm making seitan chicken with cashews, rosemary focaccia to go with pasta, and otherwise eating out of the freezer (lentil soup) so I have more time to devote to spring cleaning instead of cooking.
i have some kale salad marinating in the fridge.

last night i made chana saag aloo (recipe from for dinner and had the leftovers for lunch. tonight i'll probably make bean burritos (red&black beans, red onion, and red&green peppers) served with raw cheese, vegan sour cream, guacomole, and salsa. mmmm, typing that out made me hungry!

the fake meat discussion on last months thread reminded me of one of my favorites, so i splurged and bought the tofurkey sausages to cook with pasta this week. i am definitly looking forward to that dinner!
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Yesterday we made this really great dish. We put refried beans in a pot with chunks of tomato, green peppers, onion, and spices...put it on a piece of bread, and topped with homemade guacamole.
Clover-you're making me drool. What did you use for the wraps on the burritos? I haven't found a GF one that works...I'm not a big fan of the corn tortillas. The kids would love some of that action!
well, the girls and i use regular wheat tortillas. chip uses corn ones, which isn't really a sacrifice to him because he really likes them (especially the hard ones, though we only buy those once in a while because they're more expensive). i haven't found any GF wraps locally (though i haven't looked very hard). i found some at the but they had partially hydrogenated oil in them so i didn't bother getting them.
: they were also really expensive.
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pariah, that dish sounds like one of my favorite appetizers (that we occasionally have as dinner!). seven layer dip served with tortialla chips... refried beans, shredded cheese, sour cream (with a packet of taco seasoning mixed in), chopped tomatoes, guacomole, sliced olives, and scallions pilled on a large plate. yum yum yum. i might just have to make it this weekend after we go grocery shopping!
Rats, Clover. I was hoping for some better news.

Last night we did a raw pasta dish that was yummy and perfect for the weather! We shredded zucchini with a spiralizer and made a raw pesto for the topping. Fresh basil, pine nuts, lemon juice, braggs and chopped tomatoes. We ate it with a gigantic salad of cucumber, onion a bit of aioli and dill. It was perfect.
Tonight we're making a vegan Pretend Soup (yep - the kiddos are "cooking"), currant biscuits (from May All Be Fed), and a lentil spread with fresh veggies and pitas (also, I think, from May All Be Fed). I made this big trip to Whole Foods on Friday and bought all this yummy stuff and had a week's menu all planned out, and I had family come in sort of unexpected on Friday. I still cooked all vegan stuff for the weekend (They eat a pretty SAD diet), but I skipped over the planned stuff because it was a little "weird" for mainstreamers! Now, if I can only find that menu.....
Hi everybody

I was in Santa Barbara for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. They have so much more selection for healthy and veggie food. I had dinner at this great cafe - vegan portabello ravioli and yummy desserts. It was so good.
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this week, i've been cooking so much out of Vive Le Vegan by dreena burton. definately one of my fave cookbooks. yesterday was Chickpea Ratatouille (so good, it's in my regular rotation now!), today i made her Date Squares (so yummy!), and probably tomorrow i'm gonna make her Oat Bars for DS's school snacks.

later this week we're gonna have Veggie Burgers (probably Amy's California burgers) and veggie shish kabobs out on the BBQ! first time using it this spring, WOO HOO!
A little over a week ago my little sis (24, not so little) took us all to a vegan restaunt, she also has their cook book, so I stole it and have been cooking alot out of that this week, it is the Natural Foods restraunt cook book. So yummy!
Sorry, I am new here, we have always eaten very little meat, but have taken the dive into no dairy and no meat this year. It's been a good change!
I love this thread!!!!
Anywho i have to be short ds has art class. any ideas for bunnycake or a welcome spring dessert?
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Good question Laura. I'll have to think about that one and get back to you! Last night's dinner was yummy! We didn't make the biscuits, but we made a garbanzo bean dip to go with dinner. It's sort of like hummus but lighter. It was yummy. The recipe was out of "May All Be Fed." I really love their recipes. I have a bunch of new recipes that I'm trying out this week. I have a really brave family!
Tonight I'm making a ginger tea stir-fry with garlic and tempeh. Also new for this week is grilled (or baked depending on the weather) tofu with five flavor (soy) yogurt dip, baby spinach salad with avocado, grapefruit & poppy seed dressing, Louisiana greens & sausage, lime rice with black-eyed peas, and yam good biscuits! Hmmm, that's a lot of new recipes for one week!

Welcome to the veg world Danna!
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Originally Posted by Dannashoooked
A little over a week ago my little sis (24, not so little) took us all to a vegan restaunt, she also has their cook book, so I stole it and have been cooking alot out of that this week, it is the Natural Foods restraunt cook book. So yummy!
this cookbook. I bought it 2 years ago at the library used book sale for 25 cents!!!

Tonight I made a noodle dish-dd is on this noodle kick. Any suggestions to change it up would be great

I am going to make a portabello, red and green pepper, onion and garlic dish tomorrow night. Not quite sure what w/ yet

Here's a question for your veggie mamas w/ little dd is almost 2. She is veggie and hasn't ever shown interest in meat, until recently.
We went to visit family, who know we are veggie and will accomidate us, but will also serve meat. Dd kept asking for the meats. How do you deal w/ this if it arises??
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Just subbin', ladies.

Oh--Sunday night made a huge batch of baked mac and cheese and green salad, last night we had veggie brats with spicy mustard, and leftover mac and cheese, and tonight we had penne with a spicier-than-usual tomatoe sauce and green salad. Using the crock pot tomorrow morning to make black bean chili, which we'll have with sourcream. I usually make enough to have this for two nights. Thursday I'll make homemade pizza. Friday, hmmmmmmm??? I haven't thought that far this week!

Oh, mother nurture, this is a good question. And I'm interested to read your replies. Our older DS has asked questions about the way we eat, but has not yet been tempted by anyone else's meaty food. I'm sure it will come up at some point, though.
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Oh, a bunny cake is fun! Bake your cake in two round cake pans. Use one round as the face. Cut a bow tie out of the center of the second round, extending to the edges on 2 sides. This will leave you with 2 long ear shapes (on either side of the bow tie). This is hard to explain without a visual! Arrange on a platter and decorate however you'd like. We don't eat candy, so we use colorful fruit (such as red raspberries, strawberries), dried fruit, etc. for the eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers. You can sprinkle with coconut or frost whatever color you want it.
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The bunny cake sounds fun.

We are starting to approach the issue of dd (17 mos) wanting foods that we don't want her to have. She doesn't really have that much exposure to meat, but dh eats a lot of cheese, which I really don't want dd to eat. So far whenever she asks for a piece of pizza, I have something else to give her, and she's fine. But I know the day will come. I've mentioned it to dh, I feel it's really his issue, and I don't know how he will handle it.

There are foods I eat that I prefer dd not have, but it seems wrong to withhold it if I'm eating it. Like junk food. So far if I give her a little tiny piece of a cookie she is fine with that. But really I know if it's not good for her then I should give it up for myself. Some days thinking that way motivates me to avoid the junk, other days I just wait till she's asleep.

I've recently added fish to my diet. I sometimes offer it to dd, but interestingly she has never had the slightest interest. I'm not sure she's ever tried it before pushing it away.
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Danna - I believe you mean the Native Foods cookbook, right?

Cathe - Santa Barbara must be better for vegan food than when I was last there about 3 years ago. We went to this vegan restaurant and it was awful. What was the one you went to called?

Re: kids wanting "forbidden foods" - I'm not too worried about when that will come up for us (both vegans, no kids yet) as kids will always want food at times that you don't want them too. Candy at bedtime, icecream when they have lots of cavities, foods with lots of artificial dye, etc. Some people eat those foods and others don't. I plan to talk about what we eat and why on a regular basis so that as my kids grow older, they will understand it on the different levels.

BTW - tonight was a cop-out meal of Gardenburger Riblets on buns with sauteed onions and oven organic fries. But I've been trying some new recipes lately. Check out my blog for pics and recipes.
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