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April WW Mamas!

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Here we are ... April! I am not where I expected to be in april, but I am coming to terms with that
It took me about 7 years to get to the point I was in when I started this journey... i shouldnt expect it to take less than a year to fix it
Hopefully it doesnt take 7 years tho

So anyone have any goals for april? I want to be down 10 lbs before the end of april.... but more importantly I want to be reaching for the healthy first stuff and be using my elliptical about 3 times a week at least. So I am requiring myself to check in here daily with points and excesize numbers....

Lets going going mamas!! The weather is getting warmer... a perfect time to be taking our lives back from food!
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Hello! What great goals you have! you can do it!

I havent posted in a long time but I am re-checking in! LOL

My goal for April is also 10 pounds and to continue using my treadmill at least 2.5 hours per week.

The weightloss has really slowed for me this past month (I'm down 65 pounds total though). I have 20 more to go until goal and it really is true that those last few pounds are hard! LOL

I'm wondering if I should minus 2 of my breastfeeding points? My daughter is 3.5 months and still nurses alot but not as much as when she was first born. I have been counting 10 pts for bf'ing but maybe I should only count 8.
hi, i'm starting my first full week of maintanance. but i'm pretty much back OP like i'm losing because saturday was a food fest and i'm up a few pounds.
: (the exact amount does matter since i'm not really hung up on the numbers anymore.) the food was really good though.

what was interesting about it is that i felt weird just eating. i should have listened to my subtile discomfort and quit.

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Hey everyone. I've been MIA for a while--trying to avoid the computer--but I'm back here because I need the WW support.

I am 9.2 lbs from my gw now (down 31ish lbs since October). My weightloss hasn't slowed down *too* much as I approach my goal. When I stay firmly OP, I still lose 1-2 lbs a week. I'm happy about that! My problem is keeping myself motivated. I can fit into all my prepregnancy clothes now, so my sense of urgency is gone. I know, however, that I'll feel much more comfortable in my own skin if I can get to my goal.

We're staying with relatives right now so I have to be extra careful about what I eat. I'm looking forward to grocery shopping today.

My goals for April are:
1. Go to bed early/get up before the kids to go running and shower
2. Buy a big water bottle and drink from it throughout the day
3. Get to my GW

My goals for TODAY:
1. Journal everything
2. Drink all my water

Good luck everyone
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SW 250
LW 227
CW 227
GW 180

I have up'd my exercise however, I still need to work on food. I am very happy with maintance right now. I just want to keep on track and I feel that I am doing that by not gaining weight, eating healthy, and exercising. I know I need to go further and I am trying to do that without feeling crazy or negative. Ladies thanks, for all the support!
Good to hear from those of you who have been MIA! We've missed you!

My goals for April:
1. Try not to obsess over what the scale says
2. Drink all my water
3. Eat all my vegies.
4. Move more and develop my jogging program
5. Start weight training

We go on vacation (Florida) at the end of May. I'd like to be in the 180's by then.

Good luck to you all!

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Oh, DesireeH, stay with the full 10 bf points. WW recommends 10 until at least 6 months.

Welcome back!
Tomorrow is my first April weigh-in but, if I don't post now, I am afraid I'll forget.
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So I had WI this morning and I gained 2 lbs.
I was expecting it (I had two big social eating things last week) but it's still kind of a bummer. The good news is I didn't gain back everything. And more good news in a weird way is that the gain has jump started my commitment again.

My goals for this week:

Use no more than 2 WPA (I'm doing core) for most days.

Earn all 28 activity points.

Try out a few new recipes to keep me from getting into a rut.

For April:

Lose at least 8 lbs. AND focus on ways that I see progress that have nothing to do w/the scale (how clothes fit, how I feel).

Good luck mamas!
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I have also fallen off of the waggon in the last month or so! I'm back on track & look forward to this thread for support. I'm at my last few pounds, so it is really tough to keep going.
i'm here, i'm here!

back down to 191.6.
*boy* has it been a hard road for me. six pound loss since january 2nd.
i'm renewed a little, though, since i am close to 190 once again. my goal this week is not to gain.

Well, weigh-in was yesterday and I lost 1lb. TW 20.4

I have mixed feelings with how I am doing so far. I feel like after 3 months I should be a little farther along especially because I have quite a bit to lose. I have done really well with keeping up with points overall and have added a lot of walking to my normal routine. Maybe it's time to step up the exercise a little? I know my big weak spot is drinking all the water during the day. I just never feel thirsty so, its hard for me to remind myself to drink.

But, I did go last Friday and buy some new clothes for a weekend trip we were planning and I had dropped 2 pants sizes. So, that was a very nice suprise. I don't know, maybe its just that AF visited Sunday after being gone for 2 1/2 years that's making me feel a little
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I'm frustrated already! We're staying with family right now, so eating and exercise have gotten really hard. Our treadmill is in storage, and dh leaves too early for me to go running in the morning. I could get up earlier, but that hasn't worked so far. Ugh. I'm really starting to feel the effects of not exercising in my body and my mood.

Eating is another stressful activity. They don't eat whole foods like we do, and I hate to be in their way in the kitchen trying to prepare my own meal. Plus, the house is full of processed snacks and I can't seem to keep my hands out of the wheat thins!

Sigh. Okay, enough excuses.

Today I will get in all my water, call the gym to find out about their childcare, find some WW-friendly crockpot meals, and track my points. I wi today, too (I like the WW here--they have raffles and give away free stuff!
). I'm pretty sure I didn't gain, but I know I didn't lose
Ah well. . .
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Hey, I'm new to these boards and would like to be in on this group.

I first joined WW as a 12 year old in 1979. I made goal and lifetime. I've gone back at various points in my life, never as heavy as I was at 12, but always quit going when I got down to what I figured was "good enough."

I gained 55 lbs with this pregnancy and went back to WW when my son was five months old. I didn't realize they give you until six months PP free if you're lifetime, or I would have gone back sooner. I just got my 10% keychain last week which was gratifying. I need to set a goal next time.

I'm now back to my pre-pregnancy weight but ten pounds over what I was three months before that (I'd had a myomectomy and gained 10 lbs recovering). Even before that I had weight to lose, so I have a ways to go.

Anyway, I'll read back and get to know you guys. Hi!
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oh, that is so sad, samira, that you started your weight loss journey so early. i did as well; i was about 11 or 12 when i first joined a weight loss club. one of those places like WW but it wasn't; they had exercise machines and stuff. i was the youngest one there. i think it's sad cause 12yo's should be thinking about being a kid, not about what they look like. i guess now the times they have a'changed, but back then (at least when i was 12, lol) 12 wasn't young womanhood yet-- it was just a child.
welcome to the boards, anyhoo!

i weighed at 190.6 this morning! i've been weighing everyday or nearly. it does seem to keep me more on track. except for today, lol. i was at someone's house for a meeting and there was......baklava!! oooooh, that is an almost-never treat and i just couldn't help myself. i didn't eat much all day-- i think i was still under points-- but it wasn't the best of choices.

i think i'm sickish yet AGAIN, argh!!!!!!! which is why i didn't eat much today. but really, if i want to get well, i'm not going to do it eating baklava. otoh, i can rationalize that honey is good for you.... *snort* ROFL!

one more pound and i'm in the 180s. people, don't let me backslide now!!! it's taken me since january 2nd to get these 7 pounds off! gimme some pep talkin'! i haven't been in the 180s since....hmm....over 18mo ago? 2 years?

how can i stay on track when i'm sickish and don't feel like eating normally?

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I am still here, but been kept pretty busy with stuff
I am managing to "maintain" where I am at for now. I need to get to a meeting since I havent been in a few weeks but I doubt I will get there til wednesday or friday.
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oh, that is so sad, samira, that you started your weight loss journey so early.
Do you know who I blame? Donny Osmond.

Seriously, I was an early reader and from about age four I was devouring my older cousin's teen magazines (I loved Donny). They were full of diets and quizzes and ads for "slimming products" that I bought into hook, line and sinker. I mean, come on -- when an article asks if your legs could be slimmer and you are four -- I'd look at my chunky little legs and freak out and do leg lifts like the article told me to, not realizing it wasn't aimed at four year olds.

Thanks for the welcome! And ditto on the Baklava -- I'm Lebanese, so it's easy to tell myself it's good for me because I need it to keep in touch with my roots!
i completed my first full week of maintanance. i'm within my target weight span.

i just need to keep focused this weekend. it's my brithday monday so we're doing things this weekend. it should help that we're poor as dirt at the moment. why are we always poor for my birthday? we did rather expensive things for two weekends for dp's. this is not fair. *pout* i am going to talk to him about me taking a yoga class. i will make it be a birthday present.

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happy birthday, kate!

189.6 this morning! WOOHOO! i have hope, i have hope.....

so, i know that weight can fluctuate, and i'm not counting on this to stay, but i'm really going to work the program the best i can to stay in the 180s. i can do this, i can do this, i can do this.

the biggest part is wrapping myself around the idea that i have to do this for life. one day at a time. one day.

at this rate i can reach my ultimate goal (the 130s) by june 2008. that seems so far, so long, so much weight! so much work!

all i can focus on is today. just today. too overwhelming the other way. if i can get and stay sober, and get and stay clean of nicotine, i can do this.

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