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Are any of you mamas planning to use hipnobabies or any kind of hipnosis for birth?

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We have chosen hipnobabies as our birth preperation and I just started it last week. It seems perfect for me and it I have already put some of it to work in helping to control my anxiety about having a M/C. I was just wondering if anyone else was using it or something like it and what they thought about it.
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Is this a class you are taking locally? Or is it mail-order (didn't I see a banner at some point for that...)?
What am I doing simply consists of a big binder of reading materials and a series of tapes you listen to every day based on where you are in the course work. I ordered mine from someone selling it on line but you can order it directly from the company. I have also seen banners at MDC for similar types of birthing plans I only know about hipnobabies, but I have heard they can vary greatly.

i am really loving it. I come home from work and put my head phones on and I just feel so relaxed and conected to my baby.
My preparation for birth last time consisted primarily of focusing on the fact that I could get through the pain. No harder then a bowel movement. Well, my bowel movements were excruciating, and so was the later half of my labor. Quite unlike my first birth, with was just sensations until they broke my water. So I am hoping with better prep, this birth will be less difficult.
So I'm doing yoga a few times a week, in my home, and practicing a few of the activities in the HypnoBirthing book at night before bed. I'm also planning on working through some of the stuff in Birthing from Within (going through my ideas about pregnancy, labor, and birth through art, journalling, etc., hoping to uncover and deal with my fears.)
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I did hypnobirthing w/my son. My husband and my doula went to all the classes w/me. When I was in labor, my hubby and my doula just put the tapes on for me
I had absolutely no support in it, except for those tapes which I practiced 4 or 5x a day (I was on bedrest). I had wanted support from those 2 people and b/c of the intensity of the pain (back labor) and the length of my labor (60 hrs), those 2 were totally not there for me.

So make sure your partner or doula is on board w/it. I'm sure it would have worked much better if I didn't feel so abandoned.

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