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Are Fuzzi Bunz too hot?

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I have just tried FB for the fist time on my almost 12-month old daughter. It seemed like all she did was sweat, a problem we've not had with prefolds. Anybody know anything about this?
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What kind of cover were you using with prefolds? How long did the baby stay in the FB?

DS sweats a little in his FB, but if it's really hot, I just let him run around naked anyway.
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I took it off her after about an hour - her whole "area" was soaking wet. In a prefold with BSWW the prefold may be damp but her skin is cool and dry.
We don't use any PUl only wool for this reason. People will tell you otherwise, but I am still of the opinion that PUL does NOT breathe...since it is waterPROOF. Fb are very convenient but wool really is very simple to care for. And you could still use them maybe just intermix them with
some wool for the breatheability factor
Also, a fleece topped doubler or soemthing is one thing, but I think when the entire diaper is covered in it it's just too darn hot
They are way too hot for my DD. She has a really nasty heat rash from hers.
I think they're hot, but no hotter than a disposable. But in the hot weather I've been using coverless prefolds or a bummis with prefold at home. I think the prefold would absorb her sweat.. it's not the PUL that annoys me it's the microfleece. Though I am using fleece covers and bought a bumpy wool wrap so we'll see. But they are okay for going out since they are so neat and easy.
I've noticed that my dd sweats more in them, too. We live in AZ and it's hot in the summer. I just bought a set of prefolds and Bummis covers to use for the summer months, and save the FB for the diaper bag mostly. She doesn't sweat in the prefolds/Bummis even though it's PUL.
Hmm...maybe the fleece is what makes them hot. We use Wonderoos which have suedecloth and I don't notice him sweating any more than he does in fitteds and wool. We also live in AZ and it has been hot lately.
If you still want the dry factor that fleece is supposed to give you can try small fleece liners just for the wet zone, like if you'd be out and she may be in the same dipe for longer.
They are hotter than other options, like just a fitted, or a fitted and wool.

Around the house I mostly use coverless fitteds, or let my toddler go naked.

But for going out, under clothes, you can't beat the dependability of Fuzzi Bunz, so even in summer, if we go out, it's what I use.
Okay, so I am now a few days better at this. It seems to me that the fleece is what is too hot - we have no other problems with PUL including BSWW and Bumkins AIO. I know I would not want to wear fleece underwear in the summertime!! After reading a ton of other posts I tried using the FB as a diaper cover, and I put a Kissaluvs contour under it. They fit together really really well! And she's not too hot or sweaty. Her little bum is cool and dry! YAY a happy solution for all. I would also think that a prefold would work very well in there.

Incidentally Happy Birthday to My DD just turned ONE and in CD for the past week!
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