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Are fuzzi Bunz WAHM?

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Are fuzzi bunz made by wahms or are they blah the other word. Cant think right now. I guess I always thought they were WAHM but then I got to thinking maybe they arent ..

dogs barking...
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They started out WAHM and then moved onto a company.
They were designed and developed by a WAHM and now the company is owned by a WAHM (Tereson) although she no longer sews them all. So, yes, they are WAHM.
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They used to be made by a WAHM, but now are "commercially" produced, for lack of a better term, LOL!

she started out as a wahm and is now commercially producing. But they are American made.

Even with that, she hasn't "sold out". She owns the patent, but still allows other wahms to make pocket diapers and like someone else pointed out... wahms sell her products so wahms make profits as well.
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Yes, Tereson the founder and owner is a wahm although her company has expanded to several employees and her product is retailed world wide.
Also correct me if I'm wrong but arn't her employees (the sewers) also WAHMs?
good points....about fuzzi bunz being sold by many wahms, and maybe
even being sewn by wahms? Hadn't thought of that....

I believe that all of the fuzzibunz are still produced in one site with Tereson on the premises. I don't know if it I'd call it commercially produced. But I could be wrong.

Originally Posted by corrie43
I believe that all of the fuzzibunz are still produced in one site with Tereson on the premises. I don't know if it I'd call it commercially produced. But I could be wrong.
Tee hee. I find it funny that this is even a thread, but flattered. Every once in a while I plop my way to the boards and catch up on whats going on in the diaper world. Found this thread.

For those interested, and I am glad that you are, I do still consider myself a WAHM in a way. It was a good point someone brought up about me supporting WAHMs. They are the ONLY people who sell FB - I will not sell to a huge store. That is due to me starting as a WAHM. WAHMs and who grew Mother of Eden, how could I not support those who supported me?

Fuzzi Bunz are made by skilled ex-fruit of the loom employees. We had 3 plants here and they all closed down and moved production overseas. So now they have jobs back in the industry they were trained in. A lot of our employees are moms though and we work their schedule so that they can be off when their kids are home from school. So thats who they are made by.

I do still work there part of the day, I work my schedule to bring my kids to school and pick them up from school - so as far as I am concerned they have a stay at home mom. But I am either there working, working at home or traveling to promote Fuzzi Bunz across the country and soon worldwide.

Commercially produced? I don't know. You could say that. Or mass produced, factory produced. But I tell ya, from an unbiased standpoint (no really) LOL there is a lot of love that goes into all of those diapers produced. The ladies (my employees) love the product, they promote it and they love their jobs at MOE. So I know "commercially produced" does not sound real nice, but we are still a small company (less than 25 employees) and can accomplish our goal for production yet still have a family atmosphere. Thats something I hope I never get too big for.

I will have to get the video of where Fuzzi Bunz are made onto the internet so everyone can see the FB factory.
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Woah-I feel like a celebrity just posted!

Please do put a video-that would be too cool!
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Tereson I have always remember you from when I started cding about 3 years ago. I started learning about cloth on the BTL yahoo group and you were a regular poster there, I remember being very impressed by you because you were so willing to spend time answering questions about your product or just about cloth diapers in general. You were very helpful to a lot of new cloth diaperers, like I was at the time.
I think FB are an awesome success story for CDs. A mom came up with a great idea, patented it, promoted it, sewed a zillion dipes, and now employs other moms. It's the American dream. Same thing for all the WAHM retailers that sell FBs. I try to buy as much as I can from WAHMs, both artisan WAHMS, and retailer WAMHS. Bummi's might be made in a factory in Canada by who knows who, but I buy them from nice ladies with home businesses. GO TERESON! GO MOE!
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I just want to get in I *love* the new thin white fleece, it's super soft doesn't pill for us
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I don't know why this all struck me as funny!
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the new fleece too.. Keep it PULEEEEEESE!!:?????!?! :LOL
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Tereson, you're a newlywed?! Congratulations!
interesting insight!
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Yes, I am a newlywed
We eloped in NY city on 1/28. Met him on the internet and he happens to be from where I live and his parents actually attend my church. Fate I guess.

Thanks for all the congrats! But celebrity? Not hardly. I am not much different from any other wahm. I have my 3 kids - plan on another one, I run the business and wash diapers LOL.

The View and Good Morning America have shown interest though on having me on their shows, so maybe one day I will be a celebrity, but always have my roots in my wahm world. Staying grounded is so important.

I will try to get some video to show though, I think it would be interesting for people to see.
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