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Are Glamourmom Nursing Tanks Worth it?

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Hi - I'm about to have my second - my son nursed for 2.5 years and I always wanted one (or more) Glamourmom nursing tanks but just never got around to getting a good one. I bought one at Target and HATED it - it was very scratchy and wasn't shaped right somehow.

Now - with a babe expected right with the warm weather I'm looking to buy a Glamourmom or similiar tank.

Motherhood sells them and I know there are cheaper ones out there - anyone with experience?

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I would try on before you buy, I know I wear a large D cup and shelve tanks don't look good on me, I can't imagine that they offer much support for anyone over a C cup.
Glamormom tanks are very high quality. They are made of green cotton. They do support women who are above a C cup. The engineering in this tank is wonderful. I often fit women in these tanks who have a hard time finding bras that fit them well. They now sell a maternity/transition tank that is great for pregnant women who want a tank that will fit well during the early postpartum period.
I love my Glamourmom Bra Top, NOT the tank top. I had two size large Glamourmom tank tops and they were very uncomfortable, just too tight. I'm not normally a big person but I'd say I am a 40 D/DD nursing twins and the bra top is so comfortable I just got another one in extra large.
Are they worth it? Heck. Yes.

I wear one pretty much every day. I second the "bra tops" over the tanks--I'm a 34 C/D, and they just hold up better. The colors are more limited, but I've been soooo happy with mine.

edited to add: make sure to check the size charts. I wear a medium, for instance. and as an FYI, the ones with lace on the bottoms are a little longer (ie, normal length plus lace).
They are extremely convenient (especially in warmer weather), but I found that the cut on the tanks are low, so I always feel like I'm popping out. They don't make the bra part big enough.
Thanks guys - I might try one on at Motherhood - but I'm thinking I'll end up going with the Glamourmom - sometimes trying to save money costs you more when you grab the cheap one first and then end up springing for the more expensive.

I have some maternity things I've outgorwn so if I sell them on Ebay there's a SAHM that sells those and the adorable cozy cocoons which I might also have to have
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I orderd the ones from Motherhood but I do not like them at all. I also have one of the Target ones so I know what you are talking about. The Motherhood tanks have that same weird fit like the Target ones. I do not like the fabric either. The web site makes them look really nice but they look old and they bead after a few washes(that is on gentle w/ hang dry!). I just don't know if there is a really good fitting nursing cami out there. I have been looking around and nursing tops are so expensive, I am thinking of making my own.
I LOVE my glamourmom tanks.
I own 5 of them and I will be owning a maternity nursing tank from them in a couple days. They are so worth it. I'm a 28DD, btw.
See less See more sells them for $36, with free shipping on orders over $50.
i need the glamoumom ones b/c they hold the nursing pads in place and i dont have to worry about taking them out to nurse.. i leak like crazy.
I love my Glamourmom tanks!! I have 3 and am always doing a load of laundry to make sure I have at least one available. I agree they are a little low cut worn alone, but I usually wear them under another shirt (and do sometimes wear them with a cardigan or something over). I want more!! I am a 34 C/D.

I've never tried the nursing tops, but if I can scrounge up enough money for some more tanks I might try one!

I'm glad to hear your feedback about the target tanks - everyone is always saying they are "just as good" but I was skeptical. Besides, I can rarely ever find any clothes there that fit me right!
I bought a Target one, and it was sooo tight, like a too small sports bra.

Are the Glamourmom's longer than the Motherhood ones? I have a pretty short torso for my height, and the Motherhood one just barely covers the top of my jeans. Last thing I need is to squish out between my clothes, KWIM?
I have a Target one and a Glamourmom. I think the GM is a nicer quality, but like others have said, I feel like my boobs are popping out. And, tbh, it really doesn't give me any modesty when NIP. All it looks like is that I have my breast stuck through some sort of hole --very weird. Same is true with the Target top. I do think the Target is a little less stylish, but gives more support and is a tad more comfortable.

Oh, and don't make the mistake of buying the white, like I did. Anytime my boob leaks I am in big trouble!

Has anyone seen these? (turn down your volume
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Originally Posted by 3_opihi
Has anyone seen these? (turn down your volume
It seems like the elastic would compress part of the breast while nursing, wouldn't it? i'd be worried about plugged ducts.
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I'm a 38G, would the Glamourmom bra top work for me? Can you wear it w/an open shirt or cardigan over it out in public? Or does that look too weird?
I like my Glamourmom tops too. I have the pregnancy one, which is forgiving in the midsection. I also have the tank in a large (I am a 34H-4 wks postpartum). I feel I will like the fit better after my breasts size goes down alittle more, but they are very comfortable either way. I usually wear them w/a sweater over them. I just bought black b/c it's easier.
I think you should definately try them.
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